Football News | Week 3

Football News | Week 3

A sparkling blue sky was the backdrop on Saturday where most of Year 8 and 9 teams were hosted at Dangar Oval whilst most of Year 7, 10 and Opens teams played the world game at Bressington Oval and TGS No. 2. Below are the reports from the 1st XI, 2nd XI, Year 10 and Year 8 games.


CAS Round 9 – 1st XI Vs Cranbrook School

Last weekend the Trinity Grammar School 1st XI took on Cranbrook at home. With this fixture being the last opportunity for the Year 12s to play at home, they knew that it was their job to put in a performance for the crowd and this is what occurred right from the start. Sebastien Portolesi (12Ar) in particular, scored three quick-fire goals in the first 15 minutes to take the score to 3-0. The 1st XI was reminded by captain Dominic Ticic (12Sc) that the Cranbrook team were notorious for comebacks and that more goals must be scored. As expected, Cranbrook came out firing in the second half and soon enough they were dominating the possession. Trinity’s backline put on a defensive masterclass, blocking shot after shot. Fatigue started to show in both teams and Trinity capitalised on this. James Andrianakos (12Yo) scored two class goals. Overall, it was an extremely successful day for the Trinity boys, in particular for the Year 12 boys who were able to walk away from their last home game ever with a great victory.

Max Wende-Dunstan (11Du)


CAS Round 9 – 2nd XI Vs Cranbrook School

The 2nd XI Football team had their final home game of the season on a gorgeous sunny day ripe for a great game of football. Trinity started brightly and kept possession well with a few early half chances. Against the run of play a mistake while passing the ball at the back allowed Cranbrook to press, steal possession and score a goal in the 11th minute. Trinity replied through Oscar Fryer (11Ta) who once again scored an excellent finish following a killer pass by man of the match Jacob Christou (11St).

In the second half the 2nd XI came out strong and Jacob Christou (11St) scored three minutes into the second half with an excellent strike. Five minutes later more pressure and excellent passing resulted in a second goal for Jacob Christou. Ben Robinson (12Yo) was unlucky not to score a powerful header that skimmed the cross bar. A few more half chances from the team could have wrapped up the game comfortably but Football can change quickly with a lapse of concentration in defence giving a goal in the 47th minute to Cranbrook. With three minutes remaining in the game, a clumsy challenge in the penalty area resulted in a penalty and a final score of 3-3. A disappointing draw but hopefully a good learning opportunity for the team for future games.

Mr. Dene Ramsden | Coach


CAS Round 9 – 10A Vs Cranbrook School

The 10A Football team depleted by injuries started strongly with attacking play however were unable to find the back of the net on numerous attempts. Player of the match for Trinity was Oliver Huynh (10Ke) who produced a non-stop running game in midfield and was well supported by Freddie Clunas (10Yo) with both players putting in a gutsy performance. Up front Reece Mihas (10La) was the eventual goal scorer and had another great game to ensure the win. We will be looking to build on this performance heading into the final round.

Mr. Blake Tuxford


CAS Round 9 – 10B Vs Cranbrook School

The 10B team came out firing with a strong press and attacking play in the first half and were 1-0 up at halftime. Chase Quach (10Du) was the goal scorer, slotting it in the goal from the inside of the box thanks to a well worked build up from the left. Trinity had several chances come and go, but Cranbrook’s goalkeeper seemed to be unstoppable in the second half. Jon Mavraidis (10Ke) popped up with a strike on the edge of the box which troubled their keep, as well as Advit Jangwal (10We) who had several chances. After constant pressure by Trinity, it came down to poor transitioning which led us to concede. The game ended 1-1. Player of the match was Advit Jangwal who was brilliant in attack and created many of our opportunities going forward. Luca Cordaro (10Mu) was also remarkable in goals and kept us in the game with some exquisite saves and Jack Fresta (10Ke) was a brick wall in defence.

Mr. Paul Apostolopoulos | Coach


CAS Round 9 – 10C Vs Cranbrook School

10C team came out of the block very slowly, conceding in the first 5 minutes. After that small little wake up call, the team instantly turned things around. A quick-fire double by Lachlan Tang (10WH) and a goal to Mathew McLennan (10Yo) saw the boys leading 3-1 at halftime. The boys didn’t stop there as goals to Joshua Leverton (10KeAr) and Jett Halmarick (10Ar) sealed the victory at 5-1. This was a very strong performance by the 10C team as they keep their undefeated streak intact. Player of the match goes to Lachlan Tang (10WH) who was brilliant in attack and scored two amazing solo goals. He was also well supported by Joshua Boyle (10Du) whose passing and running game was impeccable.

Mr. Paul Apostolopoulos | Coach


CAS Round 9 – 10D Vs Cranbrook School

On Saturday the 10Ds played against Reddam House and although Trinity got off to a brilliant start due to the clinical finishing of Zac Alshehabi (10Du), the Trinity defence was under the pump. Thanks to great anticipation and communication from Sean Turner (10Mu) and Max Charnock (10He), the defensive line was able to subdue most of the Reddam attack. The second half was a dominant display from the men in green with Peter Tanevski (10WH) and Oscar Sealey (10Sc) demonstrating great attacking prowess with players scoring for the team. Ultimately, great intensity and energy from the team all game and a well-deserved win.

Mr. Joshua Yeoh


CAS Round 9 – 10E Vs Cranbrook School

Last Saturday the 10E football team played against Sydney Boys High School and came away with a positive result, winning 3-1. After conceding an early penalty in the first half, Elliot Vilner (10Mu) took control of the game and started to dominate the midfield, playing lovely through balls to Kevin Lin (10Sc) and Matthew Chen (10We). After a bit of razzle dazzle Elliot was able to beat two defenders with ease and place the ball in the top left corner. Inspired by this brilliance, Alson Zhou (10Hi) and Yiannis Karantanis (10Hi) were able to combine in the midfield as well to keep the ball and patiently switch the play from side to side. Well done to Lucas Dinh (10We) for making a double penalty save as well. All in all, great effort from the boys after a long commute to Centennial Park.

Mr. Joshua Yeoh


CAS Round 9 – 8A Vs Cranbrook School

In our game against Cranbrook, we finally put in a winning performance, scoring four and keeping a clean sheet. We scored midway through the first half, after sustained pressure Lincoln Sinozic (8Ar) was in the right place to volley home. Shortly after, Joshua Argyrou (8Fo) cut in from the right side of the box and beat the keeper low at his near post with his trusted left foot. After the break we increased the intensity and scored again when Ethan Myat (8Ke) ran in behind and slotted the ball past the keeper with a neat finish. The best was left till last with a four-player combo in the front third led to Lucas Christou (8St) making a late run into the box to side foot past the keeper, the best team goal that the boys have scored all year. After many frustrating results, the boys showed a lot of determination to get the 4-0 win. Bravo!

Mr. Paris Svilicich | Coach


CAS Round 9 – 8B Vs Cranbrook School

In an enthralling game where both teams tried their utmost to win, it was their defensive efforts that led to a 0-0. We had chances as much as the opposition but were thwarted by scrambling defence and some outstanding goalkeeper saves that kept us scoreless. We also defended our goal with desperation as well and our goalkeeper Ashton Lee (8WJ) made his saves when called upon. Great team performance!

Mr. Paris Svilicich | Coach


CAS Round 9 – 8C Vs Cranbrook School

The 8Cs played a valiant game against Cranbrook at the weekend. The adoption of a new system, in a switch away from a 3-4-1-2 to a 4-3-3 was encouraging as they began to learn new responsibilities and tasks in unfamiliar positions. The team controlled most of the game, with Oliver Foreman-Peele (8He) playing a brilliant game in attacking midfield. Special mention must also go to Memphis Lo (8Ke) who played a great first game in full-back, as well as Tommy Luu (8Ar) who constantly threatened in attack. The result finished as 0-0, but I am very proud of how far the team has come to be able to implement a new tactical system in the manner they did.

Mr. Chris Screnci | Coach


CAS Round 9 – 8D Vs Cranbrook School

All in all, the 8Ds were very unlucky in their game against Cranbrook last Saturday. The team played well in a 4-3-3 to start the game but conceded two quick goals against the run of play. As the game went on, the grit and determination of the squad was inspiring, as Steven Lee (8Ho) was rewarded for his strong effort in the game and scored from a well-constructed move. After conceding another goal against the run of play, the team switched to a 3-4-3 to push their way back into the game; Khan Ozacardi (8Fo) scored a stunning long-range goal, and the team was unlucky to not score again, with the game finishing 3-2. Other standout performers included Jaden Tsang (8We) and Romeo Ozdemir (8Du) The team should be proud of their efforts in the game, and the result was not reflective of their domination in the game.

Mr. Chris Screnci| Coach


CAS Round 9 – 8E Vs Cranbrook School

The 8Es game against Cranbrook was one of our most challenging games this season and the boys managed to come through for a very hard-fought win. The final score was 3-0, but this score line does not reflect how challenging this game was, with Harshal Chuchra (8He) and Nicholas Daw (8Ta) working very hard to defend against their non-stop offensive pressure. The speed of our attackers allowed us to score on the counter, with Tarek Dib (8St) scoring an excellent goal after beating a defender using some impressive skill. Benjamin Wyatt (8WJ) and Peter Galanos (8St) scored a goal each to wrap the game up, leaving the 8Es one win away from an undefeated season.

Mr. Connor Debbs | Coach


CAS Round 9 – 8F Vs Cranbrook School

The 8Fs fought valiantly against a very physical Reddam House side but were unable to make it count on the scoreboard. The final score, six nil, was a disappointing result and is not indicative of how toughly contested the match was. There were good individual runs from Max Tyson (8St), Bailin Ashcroft (8Fo) and Kingston Huang (8Ta) but we were unable to capitalise on these opportunities. Ryan Hoang (8Ta) and Austin Wu (8We) should be commended on their strength and intensity in defence.

Mr. Mark Oakley | Coach


CAS Round 9 – 8G Vs Cranbrook School

The 8Gs had a slow start to the morning but grew into the game as time went on. Strong defence from William Skinner (8WH), taking charge of the back line and leading by example, as well as Even Du (8Ke) and Jonah Charbel (8Mu) also having strong defensive performances. After being 1-0 down after the first half, the floodgates opened after Geronimo Devitt (8Fo) scored Trinity’s first goal of the game and was followed shortly after by Lucas Fan (8He) netting two goals. With the game heating up at the very end, Trinity unfortunately fell at the last hurdle to much disappointment as St Patrick’s won the game 4-3 in the end but not without strong running games from Izac Duval (8He) and Aston Tran (8WH). With only a couple games left in the season, the 8Gs will look to end on a good note with a few more wins under their belt.

Mr. Ethan Webb | Coach                                                           



Tarik Dib (i) – 8E   Fons Dries (i) – 7H   Daniel Seo (i/ii) – 8th XI
  Joshua Falato (vi) – 9A   Sebastien Portolesi (ii) – 1st XI  
    Jacob Christou (ii) – 2nd XI    
Joshua Marcos (ii) – 3rd XI Oliver Foreman-Peele (vi) – 8C   Harrison Broderick (vii) – 7A Lachlan Tang (ii) – 10C
    Luca Razza (v) – 10A    


Key – to letters mentioned above in ‘Team of the Week’
i. Effort in Attack/Defence & Transitions (Never Gave Up)
ii. High Level of Consistency in Completing Job
iii. Communication to Help Organise Others ‘On and/or Off the Field.
iv. Embraced the Challenge and Overcame Adversity
v. Sportsmanship
vi. Gathered/Took On Feedback & Implemented
vii.Bravery: Put ‘Body on the Line’


CAS Round 9 Results

W= Win; D = Draw; L = Loss; R = Wash Out

Team Score Result
1st XI 6 2 W
2nd XI 3 3 D
3rd XI 0 1 L
4th XI 2 6 L
5th XI Cancelled
6th XI 7 1 W
7th XI 2 1 W
8th XI 1 6 L
10A 1 0 W
10B 1 1 D
10C 5 1 W
10D 5 2 W
10E 3 1 W
9A 3 0 W
9B 0 2 L
9C 1 1 D
9D 0 5 L
8A 4 0 W
8B 0 0 D
8C 0 0 D
8D 2 3 L
8E 3 0 W
8F 0 6 L
8G 3 4 L
7A 1 0 W
7B 4 4 D
7C 6 0 W
7D 0 6 L
7E 1 1 D
7F 8 1 W
7G 0 6 L
7H 0 3 L


Luke Gray | Director of Football

Year 3-6 Co-curricular Training (Monday 1st August). Photo supplied by Mohamad Zraika

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