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Sports News | Preparatory School

Intra-Sport | 4&5 Green + 4&5 Navy combined teams this week

It started off with a lot of contact and we weren’t working as a team. Then half time occurred, and we came together to discuss some strategies. We worked hard and scored a point. Next week we need to work on spreading out across the field.


Intra-Sport | 5&6 Green + 5&6 Navy combined teams this week

We started off scoring a few points but towards half time we stopped working as a team and lost motivation. During the half time break the coach discussed the importance of staying positive and playing as a team. We came back strong and scored two points. Even though we lost it was fun working as a team and having a positive attitude.

Nicholas Kartsiotis | Intra-Sport Coach


Football | Year 6 Ultra-Close Match VS Newington

This Saturday 4 June the Year 6A Football team came in clutch (almost!).  This game was one of the best our team has ever played, not because of the score but from the way we didn’t give up and how we tried the entire time. We faced off against Newington College on a cold but sunny morning at Cooke Park. In the 1st half we did some outstanding defence. Sergio, Chris and Lucas cleared the ball many times and kept the other team from scoring by being persistent and marking the right players at the right time. Laurier our goalkeeper made several amazing saves keeping the score to nil all by half time.

In the 2nd half we still kept our defence strong, but we also displayed some aggressive, attacking plays leading to a few goal opportunities, but we just weren’t able to score. Claudio, one of our main strikers, did some fast-moving runs on goal with Joshey supporting him. The other attacking players also pushed hard and dropped back well. In the last ten minutes it was really tense with the score still 0-0 but with less than sixty seconds to go Newington scored a goal from inside the box, booting the ball powerfully up near the crossbar. So, it was 1-0 to Newington at full time.

All in all, the match was very positive, and we showed our team’s strengths well. We are now looking forward to the next match with a confident mindset. #GoTrinity!

Laurie Earnshaw | Year 6


Football | 1st XI

This week’s game involved a fairly even matchup against Waverly House at Cooke Park. In light of recent results, the Trinity boys went into this game with a different strategy: Defence. The boys utilised their training during the week to coordinate specific defensive plays and positioning when facing counter-attacks from the opposition. In the first half, Waverly came out firing, pushing a lot of their boys up high and pressuring Trinity’s defence, trying to make them break. The boys remained resilient and fought off their waves of attacking prowess, communicating and working together to mark the dangerous players and stop shots from happening. Laurier in goals was one to deny Waverly on multiple occasions, throwing his body on the line to stop incoming crosses and block shots from point-blank range. The majority of the first half was spend defending, which was something we are used to, however this time the boys made sure they kept themselves in the game; maintaining a 0-0 score line at half time. In the second half, Trinity maintained their same levels of defensiveness and used that to begin counterattacks and push Waverly on their back foot. Again, throughout the second half, Laurier Chen executed some tremendous saves to keep Trinity in the game. The defensive line consisting of Chris Qiu, Lucas Chen, Sergio Rodriguez Chavez & Harris Yang maintained their strength in numbers, keeping the strong opposition from progressing forward as much as possible. The midfield (Joshua Tsang, Derek Kim, Jaiveer Singh & Ronak Biswas) utilised their space and positioning on the field to assist with the defence in counter-attacks, as well as providing a quick distribution to the strikers Claudio Luzzani, Adriano Furfaro and Rory Ashcroft so they were able to threaten their backline. The Trinity boys fought their absolute hardest throughout the entirety of the match, when Waverly were able to convert a well-placed shot in the last play of the game, finishing the match at 1-0. Even though the Trinity boys didn’t receive the result they wanted, this was by far the best game they have played this season so far; showcasing excellence of communication, teamwork and determination from start to finish. The boys should be very proud.

Nicholas Azzone | Football 1st XI Coach


Football | 11A

We had a very early start. We made the trek to Sydney Grammar St Ives on a cold morning. We started with a warm-up at 7:30am so we wouldn’t be cold. We were pumped to win since we haven’t won a game this season. The game started. We were off to a great start with Leon scoring an amazing first goal. Our defence was on fire. We had great teamwork, constantly looking out for each other for opportunities and our teamwork payed off. This is the game where I was able to score my hat-trick. What an amazing game. The final score was 4-1 and our first win of the season.

Paul Arronis | Year 5


Round 6 Sport Results | Saturday 4th June 2022

Football | Years 5 & 6
Team Trinity Prep Opponent
1st XI Trinity Prep Wyvern House
Score 0 1
Best and Fairest Laurier Chen
Encouragement Claudio Luzzani
2nd XI Trinity Pre Wyvern House
Score 1 4
Best and Fairest Alexei Fotheringham
Encouragement Nick Harrow
3rd XI Trinity Pre Wyvern House
Score 0 1
Best and Fairest Justin Ng
Encouragement Lucas Meng
11A St. Ives Trinity Pre
Score 1 4
Best and Fairest Zachary Al Hassan
Encouragement Andy Xu
11B St. Ives Trinity Prep
Score 0 3
Best and Fairest Adam Ge
Encouragement John Roufas
11C St. Ives Trinity Prep
Score 0 0
Best and Fairest Karim Tamergi
Encouragement Daniel Huang
Football | Year 4
Team Trinity Prep Opponent
10A Trinity Barker
Score 0 11
Best and Fairest Orlando Furlan
Encouragement Alex Cho
10B Trinity Barker
Score 0 5
Best and Fairest George Haddad
Encouragement Jacob Xu
10C1 Trinity Lindfield
Score 1 3
Best and Fairest Bruce Zhang
Encouragement Yiyang Guo
10C2 Trinity Lindfield
Score 1 3
Best and Fairest Nicholas Kostakis
Encouragement Laith Nwiran
Rugby | Years 5 & 6
Team Trinity Opponent
1st XV TGS St Pius
Score 17 17
Best and Fairest
Year 6 7s GREEN Game 1 TGS 6 St Pats 2
Year 6 7s GREEN Game 2 TGS 4 Scots 2
Best and Fairest Marcus Nguyen
Encouragement Elliot Bargon
Year 6 7s WHITE Game 1 TGS 1 7
Year 6 7s WHITE Game 2 TGS 5 5
Best and Fairest Ethan Marangou
Encouragement Massimo Di Maria
5A XII TGS Newington
Score 52 24
Best and Fairest Oscar Yang
Encouragement Jackson Wai
Year 5 7s Game 1 TGS 7 Shore 6
Year 5 7s Game 2 TGS 4 St Ives 7
Best and Fairest Zachariah Sayed
Encouragement Alec Bailey (Jnr School)
Rugby | Year 4
Team Trinity Opponent
4A XII TGS Cranbrook
Score 0 46
Best and Fairest Lawrence Jiang
Encouragement Abbas Choker
Year 4 7s Game 1 TGS 2 Coogee 6
Year 4 7s Game 2 TGS 3 Edgecliffe 5
Best and Fairest Lucas Horley
Encouragement Angad Bharadwaj
Team Trinity Opponent
AFL TGS St Patricks
Score 41 40
Best and Fairest Oscar Rudd
Encouragement James Gee
Intra-School Sport
Team Team 1 Team 2
Game 1 Year 4&5 Pink Prep
Score 7 2
Best and Fairest Andrew Yam
Encouragement Richard Wang
Game 1 Year 4&5 Navy + 4&5 Green Prep
Score 1 6
Best and Fairest Curtis Chen
Encouragement Jerry Jiang
Game 1 Year 4&5 Green + 4&5 Navy Prep
Score 1 6
Best and Fairest Curtis Chen
Encouragement Jerry Jiang
Game 1 Year 4&5 Red Prep
Score 3 2
Best and Fairest Jeremiah Lee
Encouragement Ruhaan Sethi
Game 1 Year 5&6 Pink Prep
Score 7 1
Best and Fairest Julian Wallace
Encouragement Linzhi Xu
Game 1 Year 5&6 Navy + 5&6 Green Prep
Score 3 6
Best and Fairest Julian Wallace
Encouragement Arvin Lin
Game 1 Year 5&6 Green + 5&6 Navy Prep
Score 3 6
Best and Fairest Julian Wallace
Encouragement Arvin Lin
Game 1 Year 5&6 Red Prep
Score 7 3
Best and Fairest Richard Conomos
Encouragement Ethan Ho

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