News from the Field Studies Centre

News from the Field Studies Centre

The boys on Field Studies Programme 2 have headed out on a range of adventurous activities during the most recent cycle of the Outdoor Education Programme. The boys continue to step into the challenges that they are presented with and work together in their pastoral groups, to support one another. The cooler and blustery conditions did not stop the boys canoeing the full length of Currumbene Creek in a day, pushing on with their coastal hikes and taking to the waves of Narrawallee beach for the learn to surf sessions. The length of the hikes that the groups have been undertaking have steadily increased as the boys prepare for the final 6-day expedition. The Outdoor Education staff have been highly impressed by the resilience and determination displayed by the boys.

In Geography the students have been exploring sustainability in the Shoalhaven in a hands-on way. They have explored the Huskisson township and foreshore and noted the impacts of tourism on the region. Mr Morey has introduced them to edible weeds and Mrs Arthur has encouraged them all to try eating crickets and meal worms. They have been growing their own herbs and explored the introduction of the area’s first biogas plant. To wrap up this unit the students were asked to develop a business that would improve sustainability in a particular area, or industry within the Shoalhaven. These businesses have all been pitched to the FSC staff and we have been impressed by the ingenuity and attention to detail on display. Some of the interesting ideas have included: A human biogas plant located at Ulladulla, plastic bags made from seaweed, cow feed supplements made of seaweed, edible bug restaurants, and commercial fishing operations using fish off cuts instead of whole fish for feed. One student developed a system that minimised food waste at the FSC by incentivising sustainable behaviour with music listening time. The boys have all really invested in this process and enjoyed the challenge of presenting to the FSC staff and their peers.

The Arthur Holt Library continues to deliver new resources to the Field Studies Centre library in support of the Wide Reading Programme. The Wide Reading Programme encourages students to challenge themselves to engage with a variety of texts, with points awarded to the boys as they record their reading accomplishments on their scorecards. Mrs Arthur coordinates the challenge at the FSC, with each class allocated a dedicated period in the timetable each week to focus on and develop their reading. The staff have been encouraging the boys to read with a book lamp light for an additional half hour after lights out each evening, which is helping them churn through the pages and wind down for good night’s sleep.

Tim Knowles | Head of the Field Studies Centre (FSC)

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