Small gifts go a long way | Trinity Giving Day

Small gifts go a long way | Trinity Giving Day

Trinity’s Giving Day establishes new Scholarship Trust to help those less advantaged attend the School.

When Trinity announced its inaugural Giving Day, the School’s original 24-hour goal was to reach $250,000. Within four hours, our community had generously donated gifts that had surpassed our target to launch our new Scholarship Fund.

Trinity Head Master, Tim Bowden, said he had been been both humbled and delighted by the extended School community’s enthusiasm for the new Scholarship Trust.

“On the first evening, after we met our original goal, we thought we might raise another $50,000. That was reached before 9am the following day. So, on the final day, we thought we might set a bit of a stretch goal and shoot for the stars. We announced a new target of half a million dollars.”

The new Scholarship Trust Fund will enable the School to run a generous bursary program to assist boys who don’t have the means to attend the School.

“To date, 580 donors have made gifts – and each one, large or small, helps establish the start of a Scholarship Trust that will most likely be here in a hundred years. I want to thank everyone for their generous willingness to contribute to the education of boys whom they do not know and are unlikely to meet. By God’s grace, may our gifts unlock a world of possibilities for them,” said Mr Bowden.

To make a donation to the Trinity Scholarship Fund, visit

Watch a video update from the Head Master below.

Trinity Giving Day | Shooting for the stats

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