Football News | Week 5

Football News | Week 5

Football Report Week 5, Term II, 2022

Only the 7H and 1st XI teams played in CAS Round 4 due to wet weather on Saturday 21st May. Below are the reports from these matches as well as reports from the Independent Schools Cup and Combined Independent Schools (CIS) Championships.


1st XI Vs Barker

On Saturday, 21 May, Trinity’s 1st XI participated in the 4th round of the CAS competition against Cranbrook School. The game started strongly with Trinity on the front foot. Sebastien Portolesi (12Ar) and Isaac Cunningham (12He) combined well and controlled the midfield for the majority of the first half. Marcus Smith (10Hi) also displayed excellent goalkeeping and prevented Trinity from conceding any early goals. Likewise, Cranbrook also portrayed good defence, mitigating Trinity’s opportunities on goal, ending the first half in a 0-0 draw. Being nil-all, it was evident that there was a sense of frustration amongst the team as we were yet to score; however, with some words of encouragement from the coaching staff, the team was refocused and eager to score. Much like the first half, Trinity was controlling the game and, with some persistence, was finally able to get a goal thanks to Shivam Whadera (11Ke) neatly slotting a cross assisted by Liam Rippon (11La). Despite our best efforts, Trinity’s lead was short-lived as a lapse in concentration enabled Cranbrook to capitalise on the game’s final kick, ending the score in a 1-1 draw. Although this wasn’t the desired result, there was a lot to learn from the game, which Trinity will ensure to improve and build upon for the remaining games to come.

Dominic Ticic (12Sc) | Captain of Football


7H Vs Newington College

The 7H team produced a marked improvement on last week’s performance. The score was closer than what was indicated, with Newington scoring three goals in the last few minutes. TGS had many scoring opportunities with Matthew Nguyen (7Ar) making many good runs. The midfield of Hitay Taner (7WH), Xander Vaccarella (7La) and Alexander Germanos (7La) ran back and forth in attack and defence. Nikolas Roufas (7Fo) and Marcus Chiam (7Sc) never stopped trying in defence. Dylan Rattanasone (7We) was instrumental in keeping the score to single digits as the goalkeeper.

Mr. Joe Vaccarella | Acting Coach


1st XI Independent Schools Cup Round 3 Vs St Philip’s Christian College

On 18 May, the first XI played against St. Philip’s Christian College in the third round of the Independent Schools Cup. Going into the fixture, it was guaranteed to be a difficult match, and despite two goals in the second half scored by Liam Rippon (11La), and Shivam Wadhera (11Ke), the match ended with the final score of 2-4. Despite the defeat, the team showed great resilience and fight in the second half. It was a great effort from all the boys involved, and this tournament was a great experience which really allowed us to bond and improve our team chemistry, which will undoubtedly assist us during this CAS season.

Jacob Christou (11St)



Well done to Henry Mansfield (10Ke) for his man of the match performance on Saturday 14th May against Knox in the 10A match. With 14 in the squad and an 8am kick, the team unfortunately had several students withdraw overnight which made it difficult to find replacements. Henry, a field player by trade, stepped up to the role of goalkeeper when the spot became available and made diving saves throughout the match and helped his depleted team to secure a 1-0 victory.

Well done also to Marcus Smith (10Hi) who made his debut in the 1st XI on Saturday 21st May. Due to sickness and injury, four goal keepers from the Opens were unavailable and Marcus received the call up on Friday afternoon. Marcus accepted the invitation and as the 1st XI report noted above, Marcus was called upon to nullify several attacking raids.


CIS Championships

Congratulations to the following students who participated for CAS teams at the CIS Championships on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th of May:

CAS Opens: CAS U16:
  1. Isaac Cunningham (12He)
  2. James Andrianakos (12Yo)
  3. Liam Rippon (12La)
  4. Patrick Williams (12La)
  1. Freddie Clunas (10Yo)
  2. Luca Bazdaric (10St)
  3. Oscar Fryer (11Ta)
  4. Reece Mihas (10La)


Congratulations to the following who achieved further selection for the CIS Squad and will participate at the NSW All Schools Championships later in the term.

CIS Opens: CIS U16:
  1. Isaac Cunningham (12He)
  2. Liam Rippon (12La)
  3. Shadow: James Andrianakos (12Yo)
  4. Shadow: Patrick Williams (12La)
  1. Luca Bazdaric (10St)
  2. Oscar Fryer (11Ta)




Matthew Nguyen (i) – 7H   James Andrianakos (vi) – 1st XI   Shivam Wadhera (ii) – 1st XI
  Hitay Turner (i) – 7H   Xander Vaccarella (i) – 7H  
    Christian Falato (ii) – 1st    
Alexander Germanos (i) – 7H Nikolas Roufas (i) – 7H   Marcus Chiam (i) – 7H Spyridon Konidaris (ii) – 1st
    Marcus Smith (iv) – 1st XI    


Key – to letters mentioned above in ‘Team of the Week’

i. Effort in Attack/Defence & Transitions (Never Gave Up)
ii. High Level of Consistency in Completing Job
iii.Communication to Help Organise Others ‘On and/or Off the Field.
iv. Embraced the Challenge and Overcame Adversity
v. Sportsmanship
vi. Gathered/Took On Feedback & Implemented
vii.Bravery: Put ‘Body on the Line’


Luke Gray | Director of Football


CAS Round 4 Results

W= Win; D = Draw; L = Loss

Team Score Result
1st XI 1 1 D
2nd XI Wash Out
3rd XI Wash Out
4th XI Wash Out
5th XI Wash Out
6th XI Wash Out
7th XI Wash Out
8th XI Wash Out
10A Wash Out
10B Wash Out
10C Wash Out
10D Wash Out
10E Wash Out
9A Wash Out
9B Wash Out
9C Wash Out
9D Wash Out
8A Wash Out
8B Wash Out
8C Wash Out
8D Wash Out
8E Wash Out
8F Wash Out
8G Wash Out
7A Wash Out
7B Wash Out
7C Wash Out
7D Wash Out
7E Wash Out
7F Wash Out
7G Wash Out
7H 0 6 L
CAS U16 (Trinity representatives)
CAS Opens (Trinity representatives)

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