Football News | Week 1

Football News | Week 1

Football Report Week 1, Term II, 2022

This week gone, students have returned from holidays to prepare for CAS Round 1 against Barker College. During the recent April holidays, there were a number of Football games for the 1st XI which included participating in the annual Inner West Tri Series (which Trinity retained) and completing Round 2 of the Independent Schools Cup where Trinity travelled to Port Macquarie to play St Columba Anglican School. Below are the reports from these games (which includes a report on a shoot-out that finished to 18-17) as well as an announcement on the 2022 Captain of Football.


Captain of Football Announcement

Congratulations to Dominic Ticic (12Sc) on being announced the 48th Captain of Football.


Inner West Tri Series

On Tuesday and Thursday of Week 2 of the holidays, Trinity Grammar, Newington College and St Patrick’s College met to play in the fourth edition of the Inner West Football Tri Series. Between our three schools we share values, beliefs, social connections, a flight path, a train line, streets, a sporting rivalry and a passion for the world game. The Football standard amongst the three Schools is of a high standard and thus this Tri Series is invaluable preparation for each Schools respective seasons. The format of the Tri Series involves meeting on two mornings where each team played each other for 45 minutes, thus giving 90 minutes of Football to each team each day. Where games are drawn, a penalty shoot-out is facilitated as practice for the Independent Schools Cup.


Inner West Tri Series Day 1 Vs St Patrick’s College

Trinity’s 1st XI Football team began the Inner West Tri-Series with an early kick-off against St Patrick’s College at 9am on their home ground in Strathfield. The team was excited to play their first match of the shield and hopefully start off with a win. As the game proceeded, an even battle was displayed. Within the first ten minutes, defenders Christian Falato (11Sc) and Ben Robinson (12Yo) interrupted several opposition attacking ploys which led to counter attacking opportunities for Trinity. The half ended 0-0 with both teams showing their attacking prowess. A concise and motivating halftime talk from Mr. Gibson got the team ready to play a second half. During the second half, James Andrianakos (12Yo) and Joshua Yeon (12Ar) combined, and this led to a cross to Isaac Cunningham (12He) who struck a volley into the bottom of the goal. With Trinity 1-0 up, the plan was to rest with the ball and play into space. The opposition made several attacks in the final third, but Trinity was able to nullify these attempts. The game continued with enticing 50-50 challenges and exciting through balls until the whistle blew and the game was over. Trinity came out victorious with a 1-0 win and were hoping to complete the same in the next match against Newington College.

Kian Guildea (11Du)


Inner West Tri Series Day 1 Vs Newington College

Trinity Grammar School and Newington matched up for the first time in 2022 in what was game three of the Inner West Tri Series. It was a tough fixture with both sides evenly matched throughout the duration of the game. The deadlock was broken thanks to James Andrianakos (12Yo) who weaved through Newington’s back line and placed it into the corner of the net. Trinity was able to hold on to that crucial one goal advantage with the match finishing 1-0. Trinity obtained another three points because of this win, bringing their overall tally to six points out of a possible six for day one of the Inner West Tri Series.

Jacob Christou (11St)


Inner West Tri Series Day 2 Vs Newington College

The second and final day of the Inner West Tri-Series competition between Trinity Grammar School, St Patrick’s College and Newington college took place on Thursday the 21st of April. Trinity’s first game of the day was against a strong Newington side. The game started quickly with both sides trying to take control of the game and after five minutes of play, Newington found the back of the net. With plenty of time left, the Trinity boys continued to stay competitive. Early in the second half, Trinity maintained pressure and dominance in all aspects of the game and eventually leveled the game. Jacob Christou (11St) played a pass from the left flank into the central area just outside Newington’s 18-yard line. Isaac Cunningham (12He) controlled the ball and displayed a spark of brilliance as he beat three players standing in his way and slotted the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal. As the score was back even, Trinity kept pushing to attempt to win the game and the tournament. Consistent quality throughout the match from Spyridon Konidaris (12Sc) down the left side created problems for the Newington defence but as the full-time whistle sounded, both teams were in a stalemate. The game ended 1-1. Both teams entered a penalty shootout. The penalty shootout ended in a loss for Trinity but was a good experience for the boys.

Ben Robinson (12Yo)


Inner West Tri Series Day 2 Vs St Patrick’s College

Leading into the last game, Trinity was on seven points and St Patrick’s College six, with the winner to go home with the Inner West Tri Series shield. This game finished in a 1-1 draw and consequently went to a shoot-out. Both teams performed exceptionally well where boys were under vast amounts of pressure. James Adrianakos (12Yo) was first to take a penalty for Trinity and successfully scored his penalty in the bottom right corner, motivating the boys right from the beginning. Although we had a strong start, St Patrick’s College was able to gain the lead and had an opportunity to win the game. Patrick Williams (12La) performed an unbelievable save to deny the St Patrick’s College victory. As time went by, the score progressively increased, with it now being at 18-17 to Trinity meaning that if St Patrick’s missed, Trinity would win. Patrick Williams (12La) rose to the challenge and yet again performed a remarkable save to win the Inner West Tri Series for Trinity. Overall, the boys fought with passion to the very last whistle, persevering through challenges they have never experienced before. Boys such as James Andrews (12La), Isaac Cunningham (12He) and Ben Robinson (12Yo) showed great leadership, enabling the team to be confident within themselves and motivating others to have the courage to take a penalty. In the end, the team participated in a shoot-out that resulted in a score line that students and staff may never get to see again in their lifetime.

Spyridon Konidaris (12Sc)


ISC Cup Round 2 – Trinity First XI versus St. Columba Anglican School

On Tuesday 26 April, Trinity travelled to Port Macquarie for Round 2 of the Independent Schools Cup against St Columba Anglican School. This game proved to be a competitive and fun fixture for Trinity, having to travel as a team to and from Port Macquarie. The experience of this allowed the team to develop stronger bonds and connections between each other, helping build chemistry which will be influential leading into future games including the coming CAS season.

For the first ten minutes of the game, it was back and forth between St. Columba and the 1st XI, until the Trinity boys caught their footing and started to control the game. Following this the Trinity boys found some opportunities to score. James Arthur (12WH) scored a hattrick, as did Max Wende-Dunstan (11Du). In the second half, James Andrianakos (12Yo) scored three amazing goals. Following this and as the end of the game approached, Trinity was given one last scoring opportunity on a free kick outside the 18-yard box. Sebastien Portolesi (12Ar) converted this shot with an amazing top right corner finish. Upon finishing a 13-0 performance, the Trinity team held their composure and stayed respectful of their opponents, putting a great step in the right direction for CAS Round 1 on Saturday against Barker.

James Arthur (12WH)


All the best to all teams this Saturday in CAS Round 1 of CAS against Barker College.

Luke Gray | Director of Football

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