Debating News | Season Wrap-up

Debating News | Season Wrap-up

Year 7 ISDA: R. Coneliano, O. Ang, R. Qin, E. Urbano


7 ISDA Report

Throughout the season, the boys in the Year 7 ISDA team have been consistently improving, debate after debate. At the onset of the season, the boys seemed enthusiastic and poised for a great season against some of the top debating schools around Sydney. And no doubt they delivered. With a record of five wins to two losses, the team has not only shown great capacity and innate skill, but also display such a great potential to improve that I have no doubt even better results are waiting for them. With the ISDA final rounds right around the corner, the boys seem more eager than ever to take on the challenge and become ISDA champions.


8 ISDA Report

The Year 8 ISDA Debating Team consisting of B. Ashcroft, J. Arnold, Ashton Yee, and E. Eswaran had a season to be proud of. Though the results were perhaps not necessarily reflective of this, the boys significantly improved their fundamental debating and critical thinking skills which led to some very persuasive and convincing wins, and some unfortunate narrow losses. Particularly, the boys must be commended for not only their much-improved ability to identify the underlying issue of the topic but also their ability to then proceed to analyse and argue with rigour why their case was the best and most suitable way to deal with this issue. This in turn led to much more confident, specific, and relevant speeches that went a long way to proving a well-thought, clear and concise case. It has been a pleasure to coach such a passionate, keen, and astute group of boys and I look forward to seeing their continued improvement and development as debaters.

Year 9 ISDA: M. Padmore, D. Lok, E. Ciarroni, C. Ciarroni

9 ISDA Report

Year 9 ISDA have had an incredible season, and they are to be commended on their consistent diligence and motivation. Each member of the team has made significant improvements in his debating skills, with a focus on stronger body language, voice projection and eye contact. Year 9 have also risen to every challenge placed before them, whether it be contending with an opposition team online, stepping outside of their comfort zone to present in a different speaker role, or make the shift from palm cards to paper. It has been an absolute delight to coach Year 9 this season, and I am looking forward to seeing their success in the future as they continue their debating journey.


10 ISDA Report

It has been a pleasure to witness the progress made by the Year 10 ISDA team this term. They have undertaken every task presented to them with persistence and focus. The team’s willingness and enthusiasm to take on feedback is to be commended, this reflection enabling them to strengthen both their cases and presentations. A key element of their success was the strong collaboration within the team, with each team member consistently supporting and encouraging one another. Wishing Year 10 every success in the future.


SEN B Report

The senior B ISDA team has consistently debated well this season, and continuously showed great commitment and determination throughout the season. Unfortunately, the ISDA season has not gone the way we wanted, having been marred by questionable topics and even more questionable adjudications, which have led the boys to unfortunately not make the ISDA final rounds. Nevertheless, the boys seem more committed than ever to improve their skills ahead of the CAS rounds, and there is no doubt that this team has an extraordinary capacity for improvement.


SEN A Report

In their final ISDA season for the debaters in the Senior A team, they continued to demonstrate remarkable effort and eagerness despite some challenges faced and managing their other academic commitments in their final year of school. Despite some unfortunate results, the performance of the team was never in question, as they continued to debate at a high level and were always challenging the opposing team. Notable performances included wins against Kincoppal and Newington. With a solid break leading up to the CAS season, this team will be motivated to use this time to put the final touches on their debating skills and give it their all to win back the CAS Debating Trophy.




7B FED Report

The past term coaching debating at Trinity Grammar has been nothing less of absolute excitement, joy and liveliness. It has been an absolute pleasure guiding the FED 7Bs through this debating season, but the amazing success of this team can be entirely attributed to S. Chirravuri’s enthusiasm, J. Chong’s dedication, M. Licenblat’s passion, A. Rabey’s commitment, X. Rinaudo’s persistence, D. Sealey’s diligence, R. Vu’s eagerness, and R. Zhang’s inquisitiveness. Aside from their individual attributes, their consistent support of one another is unmatched and it is in true Trinity spirit that these gentlemen have excelled beyond many high expectations. To see this team immensely improve over this past season has been nothing but rewarding. I am incredibly excited to see the greatness that is in store for them next term.


7A FED Report

The Year 7 FED A team, composed of Jack W, Oscar H, David L and Tom H, has had an extremely promising and successful start to the season. Their enthusiastic attitude in both training and debates has paid off, with the entire team showing vast improvement since the start of the season, particularly in rebuttals and substantive points. As a result of their efforts, the team won five out of their seven debates — an excellent achievement. When they return in Term 2, the team will face their first knockout round, a challenge that they will no doubt rise to meet.


8A FED Report

Off the back of a long break away from debating and skills that still needed to be refined, the FED 8A team delivered a streak of four wins that will get them to the semi-finals. With Covid taking out each debater as the weeks went on, the team was able to adapt and continue the winning momentum. This is all a testimony to the hard work of A. Viswanathan, H. Chuchra, H. Turner and M. Nada as they worked tirelessly to improve over the season. While this is a relatively new team that had not yet worked together, they were able to overcome their differences and improve their skills together, all with the combined vision of winning. The prospects for the team are positive and I look forward to seeing how they perform in the semi-finals next term.


9 FED Report

The 9FED Season was filled with a cacophony of emotions. Debaters Harry, Jarred and Jake started off the season on a high and debated a myriad of topics ranging from freedom of choice arguments to whether dystopian works should be reduced in Australia. Nearing the middle of the season, Harry was executing bulletproof models, Jared was incorporating mechanisms within his substantive, and Jake was successfully winning his team’s clashes as third.

Yet with the flooding, Covid-19 surge and public transport delays, speakers were forced to rotate in and out spontaneously. Fortunately, this gave the chance for speakers such as Marcus and Albert to showcase their oratorical skills on the grand stage. Marcus’ ability to thoroughly explain his substantive coupled with Albert’s thematic rebuttals allowed the team to successfully counter the opposition’s case.

Special mentions must also go towards Michael, Kenneth and Kiran who were able to step up mid-season and perform to a high level in such competitive debates.

Overall, it was a delight coaching the 9FED this season and I cannot wait to see them develop significantly more before the CAS Season.


10 FED Report

The Year 10 FED team, made up of Aryan N, Dihan S, Nicholas A, Brendan L, Sam L and Ben C, faced tough competition in the opening rounds of the 2022 debating calendar. The topics they debated were varied and included everything from emissions reduction to the development of advanced artificial intelligence. Yet the stand-out debate of the season would surely have to be Round 5, when the team had to defend the view that in a world where superheroes exist, we should make them reveal their identity! Whilst the FED Competition is now over for the team, they have social debates to look forward to in Term 2!


SEN B FED Report

With a range of debaters bringing different skills, knowledge and understanding to the team, the senior B were able to have a successful Friday Evening Debating season. While for most of the competition we had a powerful team consisting of L. Wingrave, D. Eboli and Trenton La, it wasn’t only these boys that helped the team grow during this period. Credit must also go to M. Bhandari, C. Gaikaiwari that stepped in when needed and were able to add a unique stance to the debate. As a team we were able to shift mindsets, build knowledge and refine skills which was key to our winning streak. It was the motivation, commitment and eagerness to win of all the debaters that shaped them as a team. I look forward to seeing how they continue to grow as a team and it’s with this momentum that they will have the power to win premierships.


SEN A FED Report

The Senior As finished off their very last Friday Evening Debating season in some style, earning the win against a very strong Barker team on the topic, “That celebrities accused of a crime remain anonymous unless they are found guilty.” What followed was an affirmative masterclass, with J. Bettar, Z. Gibson, and A. Berg speaking out of their skins. The first speaker, Jack, set up the team’s case with expertise, constructing a detailed and concrete model, whilst proving the issue of the debate. Following fierce negative rebuttal, Zac responded superbly, supporting his team’s case whilst systematically dismantling the opposition’s case. The final nail in the coffin was placed with some excellent and passionate rebuttal from A. Berg, capping off one of their finest and most convincing performances to date. Not a bad way to finish off your last season!

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