News from the Field Studies Centre

News from the Field Studies Centre

Sunday’s family visiting day for Field Studies Programme One was a very special occasion. Seeing the boys reunite with their families after six weeks of learning, growth and adventure, was an absolute delight. Being the first group to undertake the full-term long FSP, the students have shown remarkable adaptability, curiosity, resilience and a sense of determination to get the very most from the experience.

Mr Lee and Mr Niulala visited this week and immersed themselves in the FSP for two full days. They supported the Geography/Science Field Trip, and involved themselves in everything from rock climbing, to basketball, and ping pong to mealtimes in the dining hall. Mr Lee shared a powerful message in Chapel on Friday morning about living with others, while Mr Niulala brought some much-needed musical prowess to the campus, engaging the boys in some of their favourite songs from Chapel service at Summer Hill.

This week’s Academic Field Trip provided an opportunity to learn more about the local area, as the boys investigated the impacts of tourism and man-made structures on the natural environment in Huskisson. The students then spent the afternoon scouring the nearby rock platforms, uncovering an abundance of marine life. The collaborative spirit and sense of awe displayed by the boys as they peered into rock pools and checked off species from their identification guide, was wonderful to see. Boys thrive when they have opportunities to take abstract learning and make it concrete and practical, and this was one of many such experiences on the FSP.

Tim Knowles | Head of the Field Studies Centre (FSC)

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