From the Head of the Junior School

From the Head of the Junior School

Dear Parents and Friends of the Junior School,

It has been a challenging fortnight for many Junior School families, contending with weather, property damage, health issues, isolation, or a combination of these circumstances. We know that many in our community are particularly weary and have a lot on their plates at this time. Please continue to look out for one another. It is always our aim to support families, especially in times of challenge, even if this is simply by providing stability, community and sometimes an escape for our boys when things may be tough at home.

We made a point of noting Tuesday’s International Women’s Day to our older boys at Assembly this week. Some of the messages, for example those rightly championing equality of pay and employment opportunities, are somewhat removed from the comprehension and everyday experiences of 8-11 year-old boys. In fact, they are often surprised to learn that in some communities, at times in our history, and even still in our own community, women and girls are not afforded the same status, respect, reward, opportunities or access to education as men and boys. However, the message of showing respect to all people, including girls and women, through how we think, speak and act is easily understood by boys of all ages and a fundamental value we are seeking to nurture in all Trinitarians. It is never too early for boys to learn the importance of respect for women, given the ease with which many adolescent boys and young men condone or participate in behaviour that demeans girls and women, especially when they are exclusively in the company of other males. This week, we challenged our boys to be young men whose words and deeds are always respectful and to be especially mindful to resist and call out instances when the conversation or behaviour of their peers lacks respect for females. The School and parents have an important role to consistently communicate to our boys the God-given value and uniqueness of every person and equip them to challenge inequality or unfairness with action that is rooted in justice, compassion and respect.

I remind parents of opportunities to be involved this week:

  • Monday evening’s Tour of the Junior School for new parents – as online registrations are now closed, please contact the Office on Monday morning if you would like to register (pending availability).
  • Tuesday morning’s Cuppa’n’chat (and second New Parent’s Tour) – as online registrations are now closed, please contact the Office on Monday morning if you would like to register (pending availability).
  • Thursday’s meeting of the Junior School Auxiliary at Café Envy commencing at 9am.
  • Friday morning’s Cross Country (weather permitting) – parents are welcome to attend. Details have been distributed previously by Mr Robinson.
  • Saturday Sport (tomorrow and next Saturday) – the boys love having Mum, Dad or grandparents at their games and the sideline is a great place for you to meet, get to know and catch-up with other parents.

Chapel is a unique part of the weekly schedule for all Trinity students and staff. We especially value the rare opportunities that we get to celebrate and worship together with parents such as our Term 1 Family Services, noted in the Record Book for the final Sundays of the term. I draw to your attention a change to what is listed in the Record Book. For this year, we will run one Family Service for boys in Years 3-6 in all four Junior School Houses on Sunday 27 March commencing at 9.30am. There will not be a second service the following week. The service will not be compulsory for boys in Years 4-6 as in previous years, but a warm invitation is extended to all families to join us for the service and morning tea afterwards. We hope that many will take the opportunity to enjoy and grow the fellowship of our community as we worship, pray and are encouraged with a message from God’s Word. Of course, younger siblings are also welcome.

Next week, all families will receive notification of how to book a Learning Conference in Week 9. These conferences are a terrific opportunity for you, your son (if he is in Years 3-6 he will also attend), and his teacher to discuss goals for the year and important next steps in learning. Your son’s presence in this meeting (for Years 3-6) is to facilitate a three-way conversation rather than simply a conversation between adults. I encourage all parents to make this meeting a priority and book a time on-line to conference together.

Thank you to the Auxiliary for treating the boys to Gelato Day – gelato and sunshine made for a brighter end to the week!

I note for the attention of current Year 6 parents that the Year 7 2022 Information Evening is scheduled for next Tuesday evening. Please refer to the correspondence from the Head of the Middle School, Mr John Allen, for details. This is the beginning of the process of preparing boys and parents for the transition to Middle School.

Over the weekend, it would be a great idea for the boys to try and fit in at least one run, jog, or lap-around-the-park in preparation for next Friday morning’s Cross Country Championships & Year 2 Fun Run. Boys in Years 2-6 are reminded that they are to wear their sports uniform (with House T-shirt) to school next Friday.

Mark Dunn | Head of the Junior School

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

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