Sports Reports | Round 2 | Preparatory School

Sports Reports | Round 2 | Preparatory School

4A’s vs Newington Lindfield by Ethan Lu

As we arrived, we met our match after the B’s win at the buzzer. We stepped onto the court and won the tip off. As the game started, we scored 10 points in the first 5 minutes. At half time I inspired my team with a speech and told them what we did well and what we needed to improve. Then Miss Newton and Mr Fortescue told us to play fair and use the mercy rule. The final score was 34-4 Trinity win!!

4B’s vs Newington Lindfield | Cayden Tsang 

I think Trinity did very well and did well with the tip offs. Trinity scored many goals and I am very proud of this. Trinity had very good sportsmanship and was always communicating to each other when passing the ball. Trinity did well and as a conclusion, Trinity was trying their best. In the last few minutes of the game, Newington was in the lead until Lucas tied the game and I scored the WINNING GOAL! YEAHHH!

4C’s vs Newington Lindfield | Samuel Simons 

On a wet Saturday morning, we headed to Lindfield to play against Newington College. 4C’s continuing development in teamwork, passing, assists and strong defence saw the Trinity boys win 28-6. The highlight of the match was the teamwork with many passes leading to scoring shots.

4D’s vs Newington Lindfield | Aiden Ta

Trinity played with their hearts! We arrived early well before the Newington boys and trained on their basketball court until the game started. Trinity started off by winning the tip off, Trinity played really well and at half time the score was 18-0. Mr Fortescue and Miss Newton said give Newington a chance to score so we let them get some points. At full time the score was 36-4, Trinity played really well.

Saturday 20 February Cricket 1XI Report

On the weekend the Cricket 1XI faced up against Newington Lindfield. Trinity won the toss and elected to bat first. Jayden Paskaranathan and Eamon Turner were the openers and Trinity got off to a bad start with Eamon Turner getting out for just two runs in the second over. But then Dylan and Jayden Paskaranathan steadied the ship with a 45-run partnership before Dylan retired and the next ball Jayden retired. Then the Trinity middle and bottom order dropped the run rate but still kept the runs flowing. Trinity ended up finishing the 20 over with 130 runs and the highest scorer was Jayden Paskaranathan with 50*. Then the Trinity bowlers came in and got 6 wickets before the rain came down and the match was abandoned. Roman from Trinity got the most wickets with 3. In the end it was a great game to watch and play in and a great experience for the Trinity and Newington Boys.

By Jayden Paskaranathan

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