From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

Saturday saw nearly a full round of fixtures even though the weather was somewhat tumultuous particularly on the north shore. Our Tennis team, 4A Basketball & 6A cricketers remain undefeated after two rounds of 2022 IPSHA Sport.

Basketball had a great day with 11 wins and a draw from 13 matches across Inter & Intra school teams.

Swimming Invitationals

Last Friday we visited Scots College and brought home many ribbons across different age groups.  Our 2022 Swim Captain, Nathan Jones, competed in six events and took home six blue ribbons cracking 30 seconds for his individual 50m freestyle. This is the second time he has done that this month, once in long course and now also in short course. The second of these two invitational events will be at Newington College on Friday.


A reminder, if boys know they cannot make a match beforehand, please email Mr Dunn ( requesting leave. If Circumstances arise on a Saturday morning please text me on 0438 980 602 or email me .


Please make sure you have notifications and subscriptions turned on for all year groups to get all details of sporting fixtures and notifications relevant to your son/s. You access these via the icon in the lower left-hand corner on the landing page.

Results 19/2/2022

 1st V TGSJS 39 def Shore 27
Best and Fairest Alexander Chung
Consistent Effort Matthew Portois
2nd V TGSJS 31 def Shore 28
Best and Fairest Justin Tsia
Consistent Effort Arthur Mansfield
3rd V TGSJS 28 def Grammar SI 17
Best and Fairest Finley Askew
Consistent Effort Zac Marques
4th V TGSJS 32 def Grammar SI 14
Best and Fairest Alfie Romeo
Consistent Effort Christian Antoniou
5th V TGSJS 20 drew with Grammar SI 20
Best and Fairest Andrew Nicolopoulos
Consistent Effort Max Edwards
6th V Grammar SI 20 def TGSJS 8
Best and Fairest Mohammed Hijazi
Consistent Effort Joey Monteleone
4A V TGSJS 34 def Coogee Prep 6
Best and Fairest Leon Armenis
Consistent Effort Jonah Chan
4B V  TGSJS 38 def Coogee Prep 6
Best and Fairest   Daniel Zhang
Consistent Effort   Christopher Xu
4C V   TGSJS 32 def Coogee Prep 2
Best and Fairest   Steven Antoniou
Consistent Effort   Tom Aschman
6A   Trinity 4/127 def New’ Lindfield 5/30 (DLS)
Best and Fairest J. Paskaranathan*
Consistent Effort Jacob Polotoroff
5A Kings 152 def Trinity 77
Best and Fairest Rahid Chowdhury
Consistent Effort Sam Ware & Reuben Saha
5B Kings 119 def Trinity 65
Best and Fairest Nicholas Deligiannis
4B Grammar Edgecliff 81 def Trinity 71
Best and Fairest Arjun Roy
5/6A   TGSJS 12 def Grammar Edgecliff 0
Best and Fairest Nicholas Ma
Consistent Effort Aidan Tay
Touch Football
5/6 A SIC 8 def Trinity 5
Best and Fairest Sam Walker
Consistent Effort Nathan Jones
5/6 B Trinity 7 def SIC 6
Best and Fairest Nikolaus Freeman
Consistent Effort Ben Fanous
Intra Basketball
4 Blue 20 v Prep Green 4
Best and Fairest Omar Zreika
Consistent Effort Dimitri Karlos
4 Yellow 18 v Prep Pink 1
Best and Fairest Max Cicuta
Consistent Effort Nader Aref
5/6 Blue 28 v Prep Green 12
Best and Fairest Mason Lockett
Consistent Effort Thomas Minzlaff
5/6 Yellow 22 v Prep Pink 4
Best and Fairest James Colyer
Consistent Effort David Ghaly


Chris Robinson | Junior School Sportsmaster

24Bs v Coogee Prep
24Bs v Coogee Prep
11st V v Shore

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