Illawong Track Challenge

Illawong Track Challenge

Saturday 12.2.22
The Ridge – Illawong

A small group of Trinity Athletics Club athletes braved the very wet conditions at the Ridge on Saturday – outstanding commitment and results!

100m Men

Seb Ghisso (12He) – 11.02s
Christian Pulley (11Fo) – 11.75s
William Maistry (11Ta) – 12.03s
Max Wende Dunstan (11Du) – 12.14s
Mason McGroder (8WH) – 12.30s
Caleb Kwan (11Ta) – 12.57s
Hugo France (7WH) – 13.55s
Giacomo Ricci (8La) – 14.20s

200m Men

Seb Ghisso (12He) – 22.60s
Mason McGroder (8WH) – 25.89s
Noah Giacoppo (11He) – 27.51s
Giacomo Ricci (8La) – 30.52s


Theo Christian (2021) – 4.10.99s

High Jump

Kody Murphy (8Ta) – 1.50m

Long Jump

Max Wende Dunstan (11Du) – 5.86m
Caleb Kwan (11Ta) – 5.47m

NSW 5,000m and supporting events

The 5,000m NSW Championships were held at SOPAC along with several events throughout the programme. It was great to see our athletes get some great results (before the rain hit) and National Qualifiers!

A special mention to P. Cantlon (2021) who got the silver medal in the 5000m Open in a personal best time of 14.19.75s


P. Cantlon (2021) – 14.19.75s
R. Chapman (11He) – 23.41.40s


Zac Pliatsikas (12Ho) – 1.58.39s
Ben Moloney (10Yo) – 2.04.77s
Matthew McLachlan – 2.07.21s
Matthew Lubke (12Ta) – 2.09.83s

Triple Jump

Luca Ratnavadivel (11Du) – 12.87m

Javelin (800grm)

Jack Greaves (12We) – 61.54m

The Leading Pack in the 5000m Open including P Cantlon (2021)
P Cantlon (2021), silver medallist in the NSW 5000m Championships
R Chapman (11He)

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