From the Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

From the Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

It was a relief to finally get the first round of the Summer CAS season under our belts last weekend, even though the weather has not been kind to our cricketers who had another weekend of disrupted fixtures thanks to the effect of El Niño. Nonetheless, it was great to have spectators and athletes alike on site enjoying our customary Saturday games. It was also good to see the School Spirit blazer make its first appearance at the Basketball.

Congratulations and well done to Henderson House who ran the inaugural Crazy Tie Day as a fundraiser for Street Side Medics, the charity started by Henderson alumnus, Dr Daniel Nour of the Class of 2013 and the 2022 Young Australian of the Year.

Similarly, the Annual World’s Greatest Shave fundraiser in support of the Leukemia Foundation, run by the School Officers, has launched. It will run from 14 to 18 March. I know they would appreciate your support.

This week we continued in our annual series of reminders to your sons, many of whom have heard these messages before, and many who may be hearing them for the first time.

On Wednesday, Mr Yarad, the Deputy Head of the Senior School, an Old Boy from the Class of 1992, spoke about the importance of standards in the Senior School Assembly. He explained that one of the hallmarks of Trinity Grammar School is that we insist on high standards, and that this extends to expectations for behaviour, punctuality, dress and deportment, courtesy, and respect.

In particular, he reiterated some important, non-negotiable rules, all of which are articulated in the Record Book and Handbook, but which, for young people, bear repeating for the sake of claritas. He spoke about the School policy for mobile ‘phone usage. In simple terms, your sons are not permitted to have their ‘phones on between 8.25am and 3.40pm. They are to be “off and away”. The School reserves the right to confiscate your son’s ‘phone in the event there is a breach of this clear and reasonable expectation. If you need to contact your son urgently during the day, you may call Reception on 9581 6000 and we will convey a message. Please do not message him directly. He also spoke about the importance of wearing the uniform well, a theme I addressed at Quad Assembly last week. It would be fair to say that getting many of your sons to keep their socks up and their shirts tucked in is a constant and occasionally frustrating battle. It would be easy to give up but, because of our commitment to high standards, my colleagues and I continue the reminders to your sons about the importance of being well presented. Likewise, haircuts. The Record Book is clear that your son’s hair must be clean and tidy and may not be so fashion forward as to invite comment. If a teacher, Housemaster, coach, or senior member of staff asks your son to have a haircut that is, by definition, inviting comment. It is not an infringement of your son’s human rights to ask him to trim his hair, or have a shave, and we expect that your son will comply as a gesture of respect for the person who made the request and for the institution of Trinity Grammar School.

Bradley Barr | Deputy Head Master – Summer Hill

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