Annual CAS Cadet Leadership conference

Annual CAS Cadet Leadership conference

This week SUO Eric Mihas and I attended the Annual CAS Cadet Leadership conference hosted by the Waverley College Army Cadet Unit. This conference sees a collaboration between the CAS Cadet Units and allows a medium for Units to share their ideas and plans as well as brainstorm new ideas to further improve experiences for our cadets.

The conference started with a teambuilding activity focusing on building relationships between members of each unit. This was then followed by a sessions in which cadets discussed aspects of their Units that were both positive and negative as well as brainstorming and discussing new initiatives that may benefit not only the individual Cadet Unit and the Brigade as a whole.

The final event of the CAS Conference was a formal mess dinner – the purpose of this mess dinner was to prepare senior cadets to be able to run their own mess dinners, following Army customs and traditions. This would be especially crucial as the year 12 Dining In Night approaches.

Overall this was a fantastic experience for the members of our Unit. To conclude I would like to thank OC Draysey as well as Waverley Cadet Unit for their hard work that made this day possible.

RSM Curtis Sioulas | TGSACU

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