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Volleyball News

Trinity defeated Knox Grammar School 3-0 (25-0, 25-0, 25-0)

With the boys up against their hardest opponent of the CAS season, the men in green were keen to establish their dominance to hopefully cement their chances of the premiership. The first set began with big cross-court hitting throughout from Samuel Vickery (12WJ) who in combination with Joel Matthei’s (12LA) concrete passing gave way to a highly dominant performance to open up the match.

The second set saw Steven Yarad (11MU) add one to his highlight reel with a swing so clean that Windex would be proud. The set also gave birth to a great hitting combination of Martin Wong (11TA) and Oscar Van-Hal (12MU) who empowered the boys to continue their strong lead.

Finally, the last set saw Ed Feng (12YO) make strong plays through the middle despite mild patella pain, allowing the boys to get across the line comfortably.

Ben Powell (12HO) | First VI Captain

Trinity defeated Knox Grammar 3-0 (25-11, 25-12, 25-13)

Last weekend marked the final game of the term for the volleyball program. Trinity was set to play Knox, the toughest CAS school in the competition, at home. Due to this being the last game of the term, the team wanted to end it on a convincing win, which we did.

The first set started off with a bang, literally, as Patrick Mansfield (11Ke) scored the first point by slamming the ball onto the other side of the court, past the block and past the defenders. This got the ball rolling and built up our momentum for the rest of the set and potentially the game. Our offence continued to dominate the game with Jonathon Reissis (10WJ) making the team go wild with an insane spike that went untouched by the opposition. This allowed Trinity to swiftly take the first set and move on to the second.

The second set began with a couple unforced errors from the team, but thanks to incredible serving and defensive efforts from Michael Park (11Yo), Trinity managed to comeback and create a 9-point lead. From here, David Tsai (11Ho) took over the game, asserting his dominance wherever he was on the court. Whether it be serving, passing or spiking, he was able to get the job done. Jim O’Brien (12WJ) became a force to be reckoned with and intimidated the opposition with his solid blocking, forcing spiking errors from Knox. 

The third set was where the team’s chemistry and experience in the game began to show. Keshav Baldeo (11He) showcased his mastery in passing the ball and immense hustle to always keep the ball in play, helping the team score several points. Eric Mihas (11La) became the axis of our offence with sets wetter than the Pacific Ocean. Josh Munter (10Hi) was able to capitalise on these sets and absolutely destroy the other team with his line shots that this particular spike is now known as the ‘Josh Munter Specialty’.

Overall, this was a good game to end the season, and it goes to show how much we have improved over the course of the term. But we all know that the season is not over yet, with three more games next term. It is now up to the boys to maintain this same skill level throughout the holidays and into next term in order to win the CAS Premiership.

Keagan Tran (11WH) | 2nd VI Captain

Trinity defeats Knox 3-0 (25-21, 25-16, 25-23)

The 3rds finished their first half of the winter season with a win at home this weekend, playing some very promising volleyball throughout the day.

In the first set, Anthony Le (11He) was brave enough to step up to play as middle and he performed amazingly, running some quick attacks and driving the ball down the middle of the opponents’ defence. 

The second set went by very fast due to Tom Mackie (11La) serving the ball so flat that everyone thought it was going to go into the net. Andy Lee (12Fo) was feeling good that day and ran a pipe, hitting it deep into the opponent’s court and hyping the team up even more.

The third set was carried by the dangerous duo of Jeremy Chia (11Wh) and Sam Thanopoulos (12HI) playing through some crazy points. Tom Geronikos (11Hi) also wiped some good hits from outside, keeping everyone on their feet.

This weekend was a great way to end the term and I hope we play just as well, if not even better, next term.

3rds VI Captain Scott Feng (10Yo)

Trinity defeat Knox 3-0 (25-16, 25-12,17-15)

On Saturday, 5 June, the 16As from Trinity faced off with Knox and came away with a straight sets victory.

In the first set, we had a slow start due to missed serves. However, when we got going, there was no stopping us. Shivam Wadhera (10Ke) was placing the ball in all the right places, terrorising the opposition with his combination of middle hits and tips. Zachariah Nguyen (10Ta) surprised us all with his banger of a spike from the backcourt. 

In the second set, we played even better with more serves going in and our teamwork fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle. Our outside hitter Imran Parker (9Ke) proved that his UTS training had paid off by whipping the ball into the opposition’s court multiple times. Gabriel Simoes Peixeiro (10Sc) smashed the ball in from the backcourt, somehow managing to fix it from the set. With consistent serving as always, our core of the team’s energy Max Lusty (10Sc) continued to score for the team.

The third set came and Knox still hadn’t lost their will to fight. Ken Takei (10La) and Sam Newton (10WJ) continued to play great defence with both of their blocking and receiving helping the team keep the lead. After a deuce, we were determined to win in straight sets and we did just that. 

In conclusion, it was a great game of volleyball. We will continue to bring that same energy to training in order to win the CAS Premiership.

Kyle Tran (10WH) | 16As Captain 

Trinity defeated Knox 3-0 (25-18, 25-19, 15-13)

June 5 must have been the 16 Bs strongest game of the season. Two weeks into the CAS season and the team is still yet to even drop a single set.

The first set was a brilliant one, with minimal mistakes and high energy from Libero Jet Lin (9WE) and Middle Liam Sandilant (10HI), both of whom were able to control the court when necessary, being influential and completely necessary in all of the team’s winning points. The first set was won comfortably, not even allowing Knox into double digits, with Trinity winning 25-7.  

Whilst the second set showed lower energy from the team, there was an unspoken fact that this game was ours; that all we had to do was play properly and accurately, and that should allow us to win. This is exactly what we did. Although I’ve said this before, the second set against Knox was definitely the Bs’ best set yet, with the whole team really stepping up, deciding to stay unbroken and undefeated for the CAS season. Amazing serving, passing, and just all-round exception from Mitchell Reid-Queeney (9AR), and Matthew Warrilow (10YO) allowed us to again run away with the set, winning comfortably and securing the game.

The third set was a less exciting one, where Trinity continued to play well and comfortably win the third and final set with no real problem. Evan Tong (10FO) and Max Lau (9AR) both played as amazing team players with exceptional passing and hitting, and, as always, Aidan Kouch (9LA) continued his streak of exceptional playing every game and every point, never failing to put himself on the line and go for all of the balls that seem even impossible to get to.

This game was by far Trinity’s best game of the season, and hopefully we can continue this CAS season with many more victories as we continue to grow stronger as a team.

Noah Blomfield (10FO) | 16Bs captain

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