Gaudy Art From the Hughes Collection

Collected by the late art dealer Ray Hughes and his son Evan from the artists’ Beijing and Chongqing studios, the works in the exhibition belong to a wry, kitsch offshoot of the Chinese Political Pop movement, Gaudy Art.

Coined by a prominent Chinese art critic in 1996, “gaudy” is translated from the Mandarin term “yansu” – “yan” meaning garishly coloured and “su” meaning vulgar.

Using high key colours and imagery from popular culture, the Gaudy artists parodied the emerging consumer culture and pervasive ‘get rich quick’ mentality of the 1990s.

The exhibition spans 1992 to 2007 and includes works by Qi Zhilong, Feng Zhengjie, Chang Xugong, Luo Brothers, Lu Hao, Chen Weimin, Hai Bo and Guo Jian. Curated by Catherine Benz.

Exhibition dates: 6 February – 3 March, 2019
Exhibition launch: Saturday 9 February, 3-5pm, with guest speaker Geoff Raby, Australian Ambassador to China 2007 – 2011 and a lion dance performance at 3.30pm courtesy of the Inner West Council
Venue: Delmar Gallery, Trinity Grammar School, 144 Victoria St, Ashfield
Image: Feng Zhengjie, “Romantic Trip” 1999, oil on canvas, 158.5 x 196.5cm

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  • 6 February 2019