Singular Worlds: Artists’ Art Collections

Singular Worlds: Artists’ Art Collections

13 May – 11 June

Highlights from the collections of
Lynne Eastaway and Sydney Ball | Merran Esson | Tim Johnson


This exhibition brings together selections from three very distinct art collections: 1960s New York and geometric abstraction; early Papunya painting and Himalayan sacred art; and Australian and international studio ceramics.  It is a fascinating window into “artists’ artists”, connections between artists, and their sources of inspiration.

Panel discussion on artists’ art collections: Sunday 4 June, 2.30pm

With Lynne Eastaway, Tim Johnson, Kirsty Esson and Dr Louise Boscacci (Head of Ceramics, National Art School), facilitated by Dr Alan Krell.

Mitsuo Shoji, Raku Bowl c1973.  Collection of Merran Esson.
Mandala, Mongolia – 20th century.  Collection of Tim Johnson.

Poster for exhibition by Robert Rauschenberg at leo Castelli Gallery, New York, 1963. Collection of Lynne Eastaway / Sydney Ball.