Year 5 to 6 Information

BYOD @ Trinity

Year 5 to 6 Information

BYOD @ Trinity

Year 5 to 6 Information

Students in Years 5 to 6 participate in a BYOD Programme and are required to purchase and bring a Chromebook to school every day. The Chromebooks, in conjunction with Google Workspace for Education and Canvas, offer our teachers and students an exciting level of collaborative teaching and learning opportunities.

Chromebooks are used in and out of the classroom to enhance learning. We use technology as part of a blended learning model that offers students the opportunity to benefit from an array of delivery methods, both face to face and online.

The School aims for a consistent platform to support the education of students in these year levels and requires each student to bring a Chromebook to school each day.  To assist families in selecting an appropriate device, Trinity has worked with a third party supplier to offer appropriate Chromebooks for students that can be found in the BYOD Purchase Portal.  Students are also able to bring an alternative make/model of Chromebook should they wish as long as it meets the minimum specifications.



Type of device:

Screen Size:
11 inches (~27cm)

Operating System:
All Chromebooks run Chrome OS

Wireless Compatibility:
All Chromebooks meet the minimum wireless requirements.

<2kg as it is required to be carried in a bag each day.

Battery Performance:
>6 hours – students cannot charge their device at school.

A protective sleeve, cover, or case is required.

–        Extending the warranty to 2+ years.
–        Accidentally loss and breakage insurance.
–        Devices older than three-years-old, may not be able to connect to our network and receive the necessary updates.