Trinity News: Students excel in writing competition

17 Oct 2018

Trinity News: Students excel in writing competition

In Trinity News: The annual Trinity Junior School Writing Competition, drawing its theme of ‘Find Your Treasure’ from Book Week, saw students from Years 3 to 6 construct imaginative text using images as visual prompts. “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing students excel in writing through this wonderful competition,” said Merilyn Ormes, Director of Curriculum/PYP Coordinator at Trinity Grammar School. “Their imagination and creativity never fail to surprise me,” continued Merilyn.

Students were given a visual image from which to prompt their writing. They constructed imaginative text and were encouraged to:

  • grab the reader’s attention
  • create a sizzling start that leads straight into the action
  • develop characters who are memorable and relatable
  • write dialogue that is believable and effective
  • use an interesting or unusual setting.

There was a vast array of interesting and captivating stories, demonstrating the qualities of fine writers. Congratulations to all students who participated and the class winners.

Here is a winning entry from Year 3 student of the Junior School, Oscar Hannan.


Beast Quest by Oscar Hannan, Year 3

Chapter One – The arrival of change
A glowing light pierced the night. A person with a long shaggy beard, shaggy hair and a blue cloak landed on the forest floor. “You!” he announced, “Is this place earth? I have a message for the ones called Ben, Hugo, Oscar, William, Thomas, Jayden and Kobe. Where may I find these wanted seven?” “Oh!” Ben said. “I am Ben and the others live next door.” Ben continued, “Good, I shall now bring them here to tell them…THE MESSAGE.” And he did some magic and the others randomly teleported from nothingness. “We may begin now,” the Wizard finally said. And this is what he said…

“Long ago, when wizards created the earth… a great darkness followed. It was a beast of many powers but eventually it was defeated. Its only weakness was a Potion of the Night. It took us many years to get the ingredients to make it. We finally used it against this creature of horrors to put it in its place. But now the creature has awoken once more and is out for revenge. Now it is up to you seven to save wizard-kind,” the Wizard yelled happily. “And if you refuse, we will doom your planet to eternal darkness!” he warned.

Chapter Two – The Mansion of the Minotaur
“Now you must go to the mansion of the Minotaur. It is the place…the only place, you may find the ingredients to make the potion. It is a while away so I will use magic to get you there. Be ready for a rough ride!” And we were off. We all landed with a bang on the lawn of a millionaire mansion. “WOW!” gasped Oscar speaking for the first time. “So, let’s go in,” hurried Thomas, “We don’t want earth in eternal darkness.” They found a door and took their first look inside. The first room was an obvious trap, a pit filled with quicksand. But the six thought it was sand and tried walking across, and nearly died. “Ahhhhhh!” screamed Jayden, the first one in trouble. “Grab my hand!” screamed the quick-thinking Thomas. He heaved and heaved then everyone joined in. Eventually we got him out but how were we going to get across? “I know,” Hugo said as he spied a boulder supported by wooden planks. “Thomas, Jayden and Hugo tear down those planks and try pushing that boulder into the quicksand, we’re getting across!” And they did. “Let’s go guys, we want to beat the time limit!” screamed Thomas. We crossed and entered our next phase to save planet earth and everything we’ve ever known.

Chapter Three – Thomas’ Dream
Ccccreeeeak, screamed the rusty door as we entered our next trap. But our next trap looked nothing like a trap. Was it even a trap? It had to be. We were all thinking hard. So now it was Thomas’ turn to be in trouble. He stepped forward. The carpet fell out from under him. His life flashed before his eyes, but luckily, this was not his last step. Thomas woke in complete darkness. “Where was I?” he asked. “Thomassssss!” came a voice. “I am the Minotaur, I will give you what you desire in return for something of mine…if not…” and the Minotaur’s voice trailed off. “What do you want in return?” I questioned. “Well, I want the head of the beast you wish to destroy…if not, I’ll kill everything in my path to get it and you and your children will die!” he grunted. “Noooo!” I wailed. “Too bad,” replied the Minotaur. And that was the end for me. Or so I thought.

Chapter 4 – The Librarian
I woke panting, “Ppppehhhh, I’m alive but how and why?” “I might have the answer,” echoed a voice. “Hello!” We all wondered who was speaking. “Hello indeed friends, I am the Librarian. I control the library you see here.” “Ahh! That explains the books and stuff,” Oscar’s thoughts raced. “Yes, I have quite a collection, I have built up over the many years the Minotaur has kept me prisoner here,” the Librarian explained. “Whatever did you do?” exclaimed Ben, with feelings for this thing. “Where are you?” interrupted Jayden, with clearly no feelings for whoever this person or thing was. “Ah yes, I’m over here…to your right…over here!” he replied. “Found him, over here boys.” Ben had found him.

The Librarian was old and looked very wise with blue skin. He wore a worn-out grey sweater and tattered grey shorts. “You’re blind!” This was a sudden statement from William. “Yes, yes I am child but…I know what you wish to seek, and I shall help you find him, the Minotaur. He holds the key but…he is very hard for you younglings to beat. I know this place well and I could show you the way to him… if you wish,” he finished. “Yes, we wish to know the way,” Oscar’s voice, tiny and soft as a whisper answered for the terrified others. “Yes,” it said again, “If you wish.” And with a wink, everything turned black.

Chapter 5 – Avalanche!
The lights came on again. “Hello Minotaur, we’re here to get you!” we frightfully yelled out. “Oh, are you?” came the deep reply of the Minotaur. “Or is it me to get you?” it replied. “I, the Minotaur have one of your own seven obeying me. Come out agent!” And his agent stepped forward, it was Thomas Blackman. “I’m sorry guys, he says he’ll give us what we want!” Thomas argued back. “Yes, but still, you must obey me.” The Minotaur’s voice didn’t sound trustworthy. “We don’t trust you!” we all called out in unison. “I said I’d give you all you want and you are not taking the offer. Fine then, I’ll betray you.” And at that he stopped abruptly. “I never said that now, did I Jayden? Or William? Nobody on poor Minotaur’s side?” “Nobody!” answered Jayden. “But it is all of us versus you. We’ll win, surely, right…” and he trailed off like that. “No, surely you won’t win on my watch. If I’m to die I’m bringing all you children with me!” And with that he flung himself at one of the columns, smashing it. Crash! Crrrr! Rubble flew through the air and on top of the Minotaur. “Mooo!” the Minotaur hadn’t brought anyone down with him. Or had he?

Chapter 6 – Is he dead?
Brrrr…boom!! The mound of rubble exploded and the Minotaur came with it. “I’m not dead!” he declared “I’m alive, not dead, foolish children!” he continued as he laughed. “Now, I’ll kill you all! Ha ha haaaa!” “No, that isn’t happening to me,” Oscar stood his ground. Thwack!! He smashed William, Jayden and Hugo. Kobe charged on crying, “Revenge for my fallen friends!” As he went on, he felt a thwack by another one of the Minotaur’s mighty blows. Then came Ben and Thomas. “Wipeout!” cried the Minotaur triumphantly. “You boys, why do you not attack? I’ll kill you anyway…arrrrh,” he throttled out a battle cry. He pulled a club from his tattered leather worker’s apron. “That’s your weapon of choice?” Oscar giggled. The Minotaur swung his club. Oscar ducked. The Minotaur crashed into another pillar. “Arrrggghhh!” the Minotaur moaned. Then William displayed a flying kick to finish him off. Was he dead? Our only hope of life would be crushed if we didn’t get the ingredients. Was Minotaur dead?

Chapter 7 – A Swift Ending
A glowing light came once more, the Wizard appeared in a blue cloak, shaggy beard and ruffled hair. His feet touched the ground once more, right in front of them. “I return again, although I think I’m too late for a dramatic entrance,” the Wizard announced in disappointment.

“Not really Wizard,” grunted that horrible Minotaur. The Minotaur rose once more but was blasted away by the helpful wizard. Boom!! Bang!! Crash!! And only his skeleton remained. “Why Wizard?” Thomas demanded answers. “I just wanted a clear path to the ingredients of the potion of night. You see us wizards are afraid of the Minotaur who was more powerful than before, so we got you humans to test the Minotaur, and since it’s okay, we’ll just grab the ingredients and be off. Goodbye, human friends see you in the later years. We’ll also have to brainwash you, so you can’t remember wizards exist. It’s important. And oh, one last thing, we’ll be back,” he finished mysteriously. And with that, the Wizard cast a spell on us and we failed to remember a thing, not even that the Wizard had tucked us into bed. And that was the end, for now at least.

The end.

From Year 3, we jump to a winning Year 6 entry from the Junior School.


The Light in the Darkness by Toby Henry, Year 6

The waves crashed against the cliffs. The wind howled as it blew wildly all around. In the middle of the night, a storm chaotically ruined the landscape. Thunder boomed and echoed through the blank, empty night. With the might, speed, and accuracy of a gun, a massive bolt of lightning formed a great cavity in the face of the cliff. In the house hanging over the angry void, Jonah woke. It was not the noise of the storm or the howl of the wind or the waves and rain, but the light that had come underneath his eyelids, it seeped through and burned and stung his eyes. That, was what woke him.

Jonah was a man in his late fifties. His black-brown hair and beard were greying. His wife was called Anita. Although she was slightly younger, she was in the same situation. Only slightly. Their son Nick was in his twenties and frequently came to visit them. But now, Jonah was puzzled. How was it that light got under his eyelids? He made himself a cup of tea and waited until the storm passed. In the morning, Anita woke up. “Morning,” he said dully. “Up early, isn’t usual on your part,” Anita criticized, throwing some eggs on the frying pan. “Something is weird,” he shrugged, “Why does it matter?” Anita rolled her eyes, “Excuses, excuses,” she muttered under her breath. She strolled out onto the balcony overhanging the cliff. All of a sudden, she screamed. “What?” Jonah yelled as he ran out. The wood creaked under his feet. She shuddered, completely speechless, and raised a shaking finger to point out. Jonah followed her gaze to see a gargantuan, gaping hole in the face of the cliff. The cave looked unstable. He’d done it! His life’s work was complete.

After so many maps and calculations, he realised that he was wrong. Wrong about where the precious metal that he had spent a lifetime searching for was. But, at last, in 2029 on the Great Cliffs of England, Stiniminum was found. Stiniminum was a metal that scientists had presumed the existence of in 2021. They had discovered a break in a magnetic field, and that the aurora was moving southward. A new metal was brewing, creating a new north that was overpowering compasses. The Great South Expedition, sent by 10 Downing Street, the Crown of Britain in 2025 had been lost. This led alchemists like Jonah, who presently had been trying to turn a hunk of gold into a new substance usable for time travel or teleportation, to be called upon to find this new element, utilising their experience with metal. This lightning should not have struck the cliffs, especially not causing a cavity so big. That would require the metal to be huge, but that would account for the magnetic field. This also meant that it could still be charged.

It was about two when Nick arrived for his weekly visit. Everything was explained to him. “Well let’s go see,” he said decisively. “That might not be that simple,” Jonah warned. “The cave will be unstable and other metals and wires will still be charged, we’ve got to.” They reached the cave using a contraption involving a shark cage and a crane. Anita however, stayed behind. “This does look unstable,” Nick agreed. “Hate to say I told you so,” Jonah mocked quietly. “It’ll be right.” “You sure.” “Yeah! Do I look crazy?” “You’ve only be searching for this for four years.” “Very funny.” “Let’s go.” Together they plunged into the darkness and the gloom, their footsteps echoing against the walls that had been charred jet-black. The tunnel turned at some points and neither knew what to expect. After a long eerie silence, Nick spoke into the nothingness, his voice seemed to go forever. Although both knew one another were there, both felt as alone as if they had been trapped at sea for some years, with no communication.

“How do we know where it is?” “The lightning won’t have been strong enough to penetrate past the metal, probably. “Probably!” Nick’s voice rebounded off the walls as dust and ash fell from the ceiling. “Oops!”

The roof was cracking faster than light. Nick and Jonah ran desperately for their lives as boulders as big as mountains crashed onto the floor, shattering. Even though it was pitch black, Jonah seemed to know what was around him. It was as if he could see it. There was a faint blue light up ahead. The walls were narrowing, the roof up ahead was cracking. He could see! Jonah could see! As an alchemist, he must have gotten a chemical into his eyes that made them illuminate. The sensation burned and stung, just like that morning. There was a small tunnel just metres away. He made it and so did Nick. His eyes stopped. He could still see.

They were in a smaller tunnel. It was reinforced. It curved downwards. However, it would be an easy climb. As for why they could still see, the small tunnel was filled with an eerie blue light. Small crystals were dotted around the wall of the cavern. The lightning had become smaller at this point, unable to reach its target at full force. They slowly and cautiously made their way down the arid cavern, overwhelmed by the silence, but it subdued them and the grandeur of the place – neither could speak.

The tunnel levelled out at last, making the walk easier, but in their path, was an obstacle of bubbling mud. Jonah knew about it from the studies of the area, it was acidic, if he or Nick stepped into it they would burn right through. It had the grip of tar and the speed of the lightning that had exposed it. There was one thing that would stop it temporarily. If a large quantity of dirt sand or dust fell in it, they would solidify into a rock before burning. Fortunately, there was a lot of dust on the roof. “We have to get dust on it,” Jonah advised. “The wall,” Nick said, as if it explained everything. They both moved to a separate side and knocked and kicked until enough dust had settled on the mud that it turned to a rock with bubble texture. “Run!” The two ran across the shaky, sinking mass of stone as it melted beneath their feet. They had so far to go and such little time, and they were slowing, ever so gradually but still slowing moving. They just made it to the other side. Jonah and Nick both crouched with their hands on their knees panting, letting their heartbeat return to its normal pace. It was dark again.

After walking for a little bit, Jonah and Nick found themselves in a large cavern with an overwhelming darkness all around, making them feel tiny. There was a flash of light from the very centre of the cavern. It came so quickly but was deadly, brighter than the sun, or so it was for somebody whose eyes had adjusted to a very dark space. Having your pupils as large as they could be and unprotected from brighter-than-sunlight to suddenly hit them, is so painful that Nick and Jonah couldn’t see for the next ten minutes. When at last the light had settled, the pair could see that there was a moderate source of light now beaming out from the middle of the room, piercing through the horrible darkness that crept up behind you like a silent monster. It was the metal. It was encrusted with stone on the top and bottom, for it was a sphere with crevices and bumps all over it. Electricity arced all around it, causing the light. On the roof and floor, black veins protruded from the ground like roots for the mound, holding it all in place.

The only problem now, was leaving. After a long discussion, Jonah set up his beacon to let the scientists researching the problem know where they were. After about an hour, a drilling noise came from above as a jackhammer broke through the roof, revealing the sunlight, comparing the light of the hunk of metal to that of a large bulb. They climbed out, breathing hard. The metal was cut into small pieces, and used for experiments, including that of alchemists. The expedition to the south was recovered and returned. Jonah could have been rich and famous, but that was not what he needed. He allowed it to be recognised when parting from the world of life, to be credited as the one who discovered this, but for now, he was left to continue his life’s work.

The end.