Trinity news: Students excel in national poetry competition

1 Nov 2018

Trinity news: Students excel in national poetry competition

In Trinity news, Senior School students were invited to submit work for the 2018 Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards. The competition is the largest and oldest of its kind in Australia, attracting thousands of entries each year. While all boys are to be congratulated on their participation, special mention must go to Darcy Edwards and Liam Scott of Year 12.

Darcy’s poem titled “Seeds of Memories” was awarded Highly Commended in the Senior Secondary section. Liam’s poem titled “Painted Moonlight” was shortlisted in the top five of the section. “Considering there were over 2,200 entries, these boys should be especially proud of their achievement,” said Teacher, David Magro.

Here are the boys’ poetry entries:


Seeds of Memories, by Darcy Edwards

A gentle breeze sends the curtains billowing

In a breath of warm summer air,

But deflating just as quickly

Returning the room to its stagnant state

As the hand shifts towards rain.

Once you were filled with life

Swaying and shifting with the weather

In a field filled with cherry blossom

That we would wander through together.

When the sun shone

You would tend to the flowers

With a passion only reflected

By the colours they projected,

And when the rain poured

The house would stir with your endless tasks

And the smallest of hobbies that seemed so vast.

But in the end

All these thoughts left your wizened mind,

No longer were these tasks important

As names eluded you

And the flowers wilted

And the hobbies dwindled.

Your strength and life

Left your spirit,

But the memories you spread

Like seeds of roses

Flourished among many,

And with the strength of your love

We will always remember –

But now all I have left

Is this broken barometer.


Painted Moonlight, by Liam Scott

Moonlight painted her skin like a tattoo

Flowing freely in patterns that seep

Over every hill and each valley of her body,

The colour of milky white, pure yet clouded,

Displaying the untouched beauty

Of her smooth, virgin skin.

A pool of light encircles her peaceful form

Shifting and shaping with each breath,

Where the paint slides and writhes

As it returns leaving no mark

On her untainted surface.

For in this moment, her everything become perfect

The imperfections are forgotten

As the moonlight paints her in another light

And you realise that in the morning

You will see her imperfect beauty

From the inside and out.

And never again will you be able to

Live without this painted moonlight.

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