Trinity Arts Festival showcases diverse creative talents

26 Jun 2017

Trinity Arts Festival showcases diverse creative talents

The Annual Trinity Arts Festival run over 10 days from late May to early June is one of Trinity Grammar School’s ‘feel good’ events of the year with most Middle and Senior boys taking part. The Trinity Arts Festival showcases diverse creative talents – we delight in sharing a snapshot of the breadth of Festival events that took place in 2017.

Proceeding the official launch, the Year 9 Drama and Year 7 Visual Arts Workshops heightened people’s expectation and excitement as we headed towards the official launch.

Year 7 Visual Arts students made linear string sculptures in three locations around the School. These deceptively simple patterns and forms were based on the designs generated by the humble Spirograph. Students agreed on a shared vision for creating and making the final design, developing excellent teamwork skills demonstrating perseverance and focus to successfully complete the day-long task. Other subject skills such as measuring and mapping to inform the artistic process and achieve the desired result were successfully employed.

In just one day, students managed to transform parts of their environment, by using string and ribbon, changing ordinary spaces into extraordinary spaces that inspired and excited the senses. The creative use of material and space, along with the teamwork skills of communication and collaboration inspired the students and allowed them to see their world in different ways and to imagine what can be.

Lunchtime performances featured everything from heartfelt Lip Sync Battles to physical theatre performances and the highly anticipated Battle of the Bands Competition, which was hard-fought with fellow students making the most of the lunch-time entertainment. What a start! The energy levels at launch only increased as the festival went on.

Slam-poetry champion Zohab Zee Khan led a boot-camp for a group of Middle-years students who flexed their creative muscles to make their own spoken-word poetry.

The Preparatory and Junior School musicians joined our high school students for performances at Friday Night Fever, the Gala Concert at City Recital Hall as well as contributing art in a fabulous K-12 Art Exhibition.

Friday Night Fever provided students, teachers, parents and the wider Trinity community the opportunity to experience a taste of all of the Creative Arts… in one night with different performances and exhibitions happening throughout the night.

House Drama allows year groups within houses to mix so that Senior boys work with Middle School boys and assist to develop collaboration. Each house was required to develop a scene with plenty of detail regarding context, but open with dramatic possibilities. Two boys from another house, having no idea what they’re in for, enter the scene. It’s the job of the scene providers to be inclusive of the others and to make offers so they shine. The responsibility of those entering the scene is to take up those offers and help drive the scene.

Many of these actors had not been on a stage before showing great courage. In the final, boys performed live to 500 people in the Assembly Hall and then relayed by broadcast to 500 in the Sports centre. In the end, whether the scene brought down the house or not, did not matter. What mattered was that they had a go and collaborated to create something unique to be communicated to an audience.

The Trinity Arts Festival celebrated creative writing with Fireside Readings in the Library. An intimate gathering of students, parents and teachers enjoyed hearing works read out and insights about writing shared. Students read their works to a captivated crowd. The quality of the writing was high, and the range of topics broad. Invited guest Ms PJ Tierney author of the kung fu fantasy series, Jamie Reign, also spoke, entertaining and encouraging our budding writers with her thoughtful delivery.

The pinnacle of the Trinity Arts Festival is the Gala Concert held at the City Recital Hall. This year’s Gala Concert was once again a feast for the ears and eyes, with over 300 Trinity boys from Years 3 to 12 performing in a huge variety of ensembles. The concert opened as has become Trinity tradition, with the Symphonic Wind Band’s blast of brass instruments that continued with the transcendent “O Magnum Misterium” and the delightfully diabolical “Imperial March” from Star Wars.  The élite Sinfonietta Strings ensemble and the young boys of the Combined Primary Choirs touched our hearts with pieces by Edvard Grieg and the sweet “Can You Hear Me?” by Bob Chilcott.

A highlight of the evening included beautiful solos from our Music Co-Captains Brian Kim 12WH (on flute) and Tom Hallworth 12WJ (voice, in Vivaldi’s famous Gloria, sung by the massed Choir and Academy Orchestra). Snappy grooves from the Big Band and a finale of three exciting orchestral pieces from the Symphony Orchestra rounded out the concert in spectacular style. This year’s concert sold out at record speed and has become an event not to be missed!

For over a hundred years Trinity Grammar School has been developing boys to grow in mind, body and spirit and to realise their God-given talents to their full potential. Trinity’s Society of the Arts provides opportunities for boys to be exposed to fine Art and Music with which they would not normally come in to contact. This rich history has been the foundation for a breadth of performing and exhibition arts being taught, encouraged and fostered by some of the most passionate and expert educators in the country.

Images by Giovanni Portelli Photography © 2017