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Trinity students are able to access a wide variety of transport choices to travel to and from School campuses.

Students are entitled to free travel on both Private buses and Government buses/trains when travelling to and from School.

Trinity also provides bus travel, to and from School, which incurs an additional charge per trip.


How to access Trinity’s transport choices

1) Transport Page

Bookmark this transport webpage for up-to-date information on detailed timetables, bus routes and cost per trip.

2) School App

Set up your School app to receive Trinity bus notices

3) Application Form

Complete the Trinity bus application form online.

4) Opal Card

Ensure your son has a current Opal card if using NSW Transport

Trinity & Telford Bus Services

To use Trinity and Telford bus services, please complete this online form.

The School’s Buses:

  • Allawah Bus (afternoon)
  • Balmain Bus (morning and afternoon)
  • Concord Bus (morning and afternoon)
  • Cronulla Bus (morning and afternoon)
  • Eastern Suburbs Bus (morning and afternoon)
  • Miranda Bus (morning and afternoon)
  • Peakhurst Bus (morning and afternoon)
  • Prep School Bus (morning and afternoon)
  • Putney (morning and afternoon)
  • Strathfield Bus (morning and afternoon)
  • Sutherland Bus (morning and afternoon)
  • Late Sutherland Bus (afternoon only)
  • Late Peakhurst Bus (Wednesday afternoon only)

One way journey costs apply and are charged on your son’s fee account. The Trinity Student ID Card is used to travel on the School’s buses.

Detailed Times & Routes


Click on the times below to see real time bus tracking on each route or use the interactive map on this page.

TGS01 Strathfield – 07:50, 07:55, 08:00
TGS03 Concord – 07:05
TGS04 Putney – 07:10
TGS05 Balmain – 07:35
TGS07 Eastern Suburbs – 07:10
TGS08 Cronulla – 07:00
TGS09 Miranda – 07:05
TGS12 Peakhurst – 07:05
TGS14 Sutherland – 06:55

Using the interactive map

  • Select your route from the Trip window
  • Tick display all stops
  • Use the + and – buttons to view the map
  • Click on the map to use the hand tool to move along the route



Click on the times below to see real time bus tracking on each route or use the interactive map on this page.

TGS01 Strathfield – 15:50, 16:00
TGS03 Concord – 15:50
TGS04 Putney – 15:55
TGS05 Balmain – 16:00
TGS07 Eastern Suburbs – 15:55
TGS08 Cronulla – 15:50
TGS09 Miranda – 16:00
TGS10 Allawah – 15:45
TGS12 Peakhurst – 15:55, 17:20 (Wednesday only)
TGS14 Sutherland – 15:55, 17:20

Using the interactive map

  • Select your route from the Trip window
  • Tick display all stops
  • Use the + and – buttons to view the map
  • Click on the map to use the hand tool to move along the route

Visit the Trinity bus page on the Telford’s website for further details.

Cost per Trip

The cost per one way journey for each route is listed below and will be charged on your son’s fee account (including GST). The applicable one way journey costs are:


Bus Route Cost
Allawah | Sydenham Station | Wolli Creek Station $4.70
Balmain | Rozelle | Lilyfield $5.20
Concord | Cabarita | Canada Bay $5.20
Cronulla | Caringbah | Sans Souci | Allawah $5.80
Eastern Suburbs: Phillip Bay | Matraville |
Maroubra | Randwick | Daceyville
Miranda | Sylvania | Blakehurst $5.80
Peakhurst | Mortdale | Hurstville $5.20
Putney | Hunters Hill | Drummoyne | Rodd Point $5.20
Strathfield | Summer Hill $3.80
Sutherland | Menai | Illawong $5.80
Sans Souci $5.80

*2020 prices and subject to annual change

Government & School-Hired Buses

The easiest way to plan your son’s trip to and from the School using government and school-hired buses is via the up-to-date Trip Planner and Sydney Buses websites (click below)

Transport Info | Trip Planner
Sydney Buses


*Indicative and subject to change.

Opal Card

An Opal card is required for Transport NSW buses, ferries and trains.

Updating an Opal Card

For students who already have an Opal card, it will automatically update for travel in the new school year without you having to re-apply for it in most circumstances.

An updated application is required if:
• The student is progressing from Year 2 to year 3
• The student is progressing from Year 6 to Year 7
• The student’s circumstances change, e.g. change of school, home address or
• school year outside of the usual progression.

Click here to update an application

Making a new application

You will need to do a new application if:
• The student is enrolling in Kindergarten
• Does not have an Opal card
• You are requesting an additional pass as a result of a new shared parental responsibility situation (e.g. joint custody).

Click here to apply for a new card

Trinity App


Did you know you could customise the Trinity App to receive Trinity bus route notifications?

  • Click on Settings to manage your Notifications, Subscriptions etc. according to your son’s school, academic year, sports and bus route.
  • Click on ‘Subscriptions’ then ‘Bus Routes’ and select your son’s bus route.
  • Push notifications will be sent out, whenever possible, of any bus timetabling changes or delays.

Conditions of Travel and Contacts

Conditions of Travel:


  • Student ID Card must be produced to be scanned on each journey.
  • Any report of misconduct on the bus may result in withdrawal of bus usage.
  • An Administration fee will be charged for the re-issue of a Student ID Card.
  • Student ID Card, is to be surrendered to the bus driver or staff if requested

Transport Contacts:

Transport Info/Trip Planner –

Transport Information Line – 13 1500

Sydney Buses –

Train Timetables –

School Student Transport Scheme –

If you would like further information about any of the Trinity Transport services, please contact Student Services on p. 02 9581 6000. PLEASE NOTE that Trinity Grammar School and Sydney Buses reserve the right to alter the bus schedules of their bus services when necessary.

Behaviour on Buses & Trains:

All boys will be expected to obey the following rules. Boys who do not comply with this “Code of Behaviour” may have their Opal Card or Travel on Trinity Buses cancelled.

All School Rules in terms of Uniform and Behaviour apply as per the Handbook.

  • Board and leave the bus or train in an orderly manner.
  • Behave appropriately and safely at all times.
  • Accept that the driver or train guard is in charge and obey his or her instructions.
  • Sit properly on a seat.
  • Respect bus and train property and the property of others by not marking or damaging it.
  • Do not carry bags on your back when entering and exiting the bus or train.
  • Place bags under the seat, near your feet or in the storage areas provided.
  • Do not put bags on the seats as this stops other people from using the seats.
  • Have the School Opal Card ready to tap on and off on Government Buses and at Railway stations
  • When waiting for buses, line up in order from the person who first arrives to the person who arrives last.
  • Stand on the footpath away from the kerb while waiting for the bus or behind the yellow line while waiting for a train.
  • Treat other travellers and bus and railway employees with respect.
  • Show constraint, keep the noise level down and do not move around the bus or train while it is in motion.
  • Keep all parts of your body within the train or bus.
  • Only attract the attention of the driver in the case of an emergency.


  • Move around the bus whilst bus in motion.
  • Throw any objects inside the bus or train.
  • Throw any objects outside the bus or train.
  • Eat or drink while on trains or buses.
  • Obstruct the aisle, door or emergency exits.
  • Alter, or deface School ID Cards or School Opal Card.
  • Give, lend or transfer School ID card or School Opal card to another student.
  • Stand or put your feet on the seats