Top scores for Trinity

19 Jan 2016

Top scores for Trinity

Trinity Grammar School’s 2015 IB class earned six perfect scores of 45 (equal to first in the world) and a further four near perfect scores of 44.
The world average IB score of 30.98 was comfortably passed, with Trinity receiving an average overall score of 38 (equal to an ATAR of 96.7)*. Trinity’s results were again among the best in NSW and the ACT and, in fact, the nation.

42 percent of candidates earned 40+ IB points*. Eighty percent of students achieved an IB score of 33+ (equal to an ATAR of 90+). Particularly impressive, is that 92 percent of candidates obtained IB scores in excess of the world average score emphasising Trinity’s exceptional performance on the world stage.

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*Please note at the time of publication Trinity had four perfect scores and five near perfect scores, an average overall IB score of 37.78 (equal to an ATAR of 96.50) and over 40 percent of candidates earned 40+ IB points.