Students on top of the world

6 Feb 2018

Students on top of the world

Students on top of the world

Dedicated teachers go above and beyond to help

(From left) Peter Kostoglou, Neil Lu, Nakul Kaushik, Oscar Chaffey, Aruren Ravichandran, Brian Kim and Ben Davies all received an ATAR of more than 99 in 2017 IB. Picture: Danny Aarons

TRINITY Grammar students topped the world average in their ATAR results.

Aruren Ravichandran received the perfect IB score, equal to the first in the world and an ATAR of 99.95.

Aruren said he was grateful for the dedicated teachers at Trinity Grammar.

“They often went above and beyond for those asking for extra help, giving up their lunchtimes, coming to school early and staying back late,” he said.

He said his parents, who fled the civil war in Sri Lanka, helped him through the stressful times and kept things in perspective.

He hopes to pursue a double degree in commerce and law at Sydney University.

Another five students scored an ATAR of 99.85 and 70 per cent of Trinity IB students achieved an ATAR of 90 or more.

Despite being the youngest of the cohort, turning 17-years-old just as the final exams began, Oscar Chaffey from Dulwich Hill scored an ATAR of 99.85.

He said his favourite IB subjects were English and psychology.

“Psychology is all about critical thinking and making yourself really clear, which is an intellectual exercise I have always enjoyed,” he said.

“Anyone who knows me knows I have pretty strong opinions and tend to vigorously debate them, so a subject like English where I had the capacity to voice my opinion about literature was always fulfilling.”

Oscar plans to study medicine at Sydney University.

Benjamin Davies received an ATAR of 99.85 and his advice to anyone considering doing the IB is to only choose it if you are committed.

“It was relentless through most of Year 12,” he said.

Benjamin hopes to do a biomedical engineering and commerce double degree at Sydney University to “help people who don’t have it so easy”.