Take flight with InSite

Trinity’s new communication platform launches Term One, 2023

InSite is the School’s new online platform for communicating with Trinity’s current parents, staff, and students; a single portal view of communications at the School.


A clear line of communication for all internal information

We know staff are required to navigate a mass of information, too often via email inbox with poor search functionality.

InSite makes it easier because you will now have a personal dashboard
where you will receive news and notices.

We are moving from mass communication to relevant, targeted
communication based on the audience. This will reduce ‘noise’ and make it
easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Put simply: start your day by opening your InSite dashboard in your browser,
keep it open all day, and read what appears in your news and notices feed.


More at your fingertips - InSite dashboard

Academic staff will see their timetable on their dashboard and will also be able to mark the roll from within that dashboard window.

Non-teaching staff will also be able to view a timetable via the top menu bar: search for the relevant person, open their profile and view their timetable.

Dashboard Quick Links to frequently-accessed places:

  • Working at Trinity, ConnX, Campus Administration, Print Room, ICT, MarComms.
  • Clear menu bar to access Calendars, Canvas and Staff Directory

Over the course of 2023, InSite will replace TNET as the place where staff access forms, documents and information. As this happens, the ICT, Marketing and Communications departments will strive to link to any required documents on TNET from InSite and will be in contact with TNET content owners about their transitioning the documents for InSite, or archiving/removal.


Clear and concise notifications

Why use 280 words when 80 will do? When it comes to the structure of news and notices, the Trinity communications team is training all staff who write for InSite to keep any notices they write short ‘n’ sweet. Clear titles and calls to action. Plus InSite also has different ‘call to action’ images that will be used in all notices in order to help show the reader what’s needed quickly and easily.


Differentiating between notices and longer articles

The Headmaster’s Sunday staff email will evolve. Tim will continue a weekly InSite communication. Rather than it being home to a long list of staff starters, departures, “hatch, match and despatch” updates, or reminders to read policy documents or complete the annual staff Voice Survey etc. these items will be separated into shorter, easier to find notices, leaving more room for the Headmaster to cover topics that, historically, would have only been possible via his all-staff address four times a year.


InSite makes the weekly Parent Bulletin redundant

Rather than a weekly mass email, InSite makes it easier because parents will now receive news and notices on their personal dashboard based on:

  • who they are
  • the Year group of their son(s)
  • the campus attended
  • co-curricular involvement
  • teaching and learning
  • ..and more

Training on InSite for staff identified as previous contributors to the Bulletin commenced in Term 4 2022. More information will follow on Campus-based Professional Development days in January if you contributed regularly to the Bulletin and have not yet been trained.


Streamlining staff communications

Trinity is a busy place. Any number of events occur on a weekly basis. Outside of the School, we all generally use a range of applications to navigate our social calendars and working lives. InSite replicates this familiar process, with a system that is easily accessible and allows you to choose how to stay informed.

It includes key features to set up an environment for successful communication:

  • Dedicated dashboard
  • Personalised mobile app for anywhere, anytime access (coming March)
  • Notifications system controlled by the preference of the user
  • The ability to save news and notices to read later (but not too much later!)
  • Easily filter and search both current and archived news and notices

InSite’s personalised notification enables staff to choose from a range of communication options including: instant notifications, an email digest or even push notifications via the School app. With so many choices, you are able to find a medium that works best for you. Watch these two videos about notifications:

“The Geography Department has piloted the use of InSite in 2022 to mark classroom rolls and we have found it to be very user friendly as part of starting a teacher’s lesson. Centralising everything into one dashboard gives teachers greater accessibility to everyday functions such as checking your timetable, making a ICT request and sending a print request. These functions can be done with one click rather than trying to search for these through TNet or Synergetic. We are excited to see how far Insite can improve the way teachers manage their daily tasks.”

- Mr. Adrian Shipp,Head of Faculty, Geography

“I have to confess to being a bit of a Luddite where technology is concerned, but even I have been impressed with the InSite user experience and the ease with which information may be accessed. We anticipate this as a significant step forward in Trinity’s ability to share information.”

- Mr Bradley Barr,Deputy Headmaster, Summer Hill

Ready for take off?

Click below, use your Trinity school log in, and save insite.trinity.nsw.edu.au as a bookmark in your browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, academic staff are able to mark the roll via the timetable feed on their dashboard,

InSite has been provisioned so each staff member receives a daily digest via email, and relevant notices and news items appear on the feed in your dashboard. Best practise: log into InSite daily as per the instructions on this page. You are able to modify how you receive notifications by updating your settings under your InSite profile.

No. Stories and updates about sport, music, cadets and other co-curricular activities that used to go into the Bulletin will be split between blogs and notices. The Headmaster and Heads of Campus will post weekly and they will appear in dashboards.