Silence is golden as kids raise funds

20 Apr 2018

Silence is golden as kids raise funds

Funding speech therapists the goal of charity
by Laura Sullivan


LAST month students at Trinity Grammar’s Junior School had a day of silence.

Their efforts helped raise $19,000 for OIC Cambodia.

The charity was started in 2012 by former Trinity student Weh Yeoh to help support speech impaired children.

Master of the Junior School Mark Dunn said it was important for his students to continue to support the Cambodian charity.

“It seemed right for us,” Mr Dunn said.  “To be helping kids with communication difficulties overseas seems like a good fit and its something that could grow.”

During their day of silence, students and teachers used mime, white boards and notes to communicate.

“It’s an unusual thing having a day without talking so they have different challenges,” Mr Dunn said.

“But it is important for them to have that awareness, thinking about Cambodian children who have challenges they don’t face every day.

“Every year we tell the students there are no speech therapists in Cambodia and we are really looking for-ward to next year to say there is one.”

“I’m a big believer in local people, they have the solution but they don’t have the resources,” Mr Yeoh said.

“When I was working in the villages, I was taken to some real rural remote areas without any services and I was shocked to see there was literally nothing to help them.”

Mr Yeoh said speech problems affects one in 25 people but there were no speech therapists in the country.

“Trinity has been supportive of this project since day one,” Mr Yeoh said.

“The amount they have raised is going so far, figures that are sustaining the work of the organisation.”


27 March 2018, Inner West Courier, Sydney