Education Reimagined

The Renewal Project

Education Reimagined

The Renewal Project

The Renewal Project: Education reimagined

Trinity Grammar School has started a planning process to reimagine education for the next 20-30 years.

Trinity’s mission is to provide boys with a thoroughly Christian education in mind, body and spirit. Over the last 106 years, the School has earned a reputation for excellent all-round education, holding onto the best of our traditions while adapting for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Now, the time has come for the School to renew many of its facilities. In particular, the spaces in which teaching and learning take place are ready to be reimagined. These buildings have provided great service to generations of students, being the places in which young men have learned, friendships have been forged, and memories have been made. However, education in and for the 21st century has new demands and challenges, and our School is positioning itself to ensure that our boys’ education continues to serve them well.

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We are planning for a new 5-storey building at the heart of the campus, a focal point for teaching and learning activities to challenge, encourage and develop our boys. The new building will accommodate modern and flexible teaching and learning spaces. It will be nestled between the existing Assembly Hall, School of Music, Sports Centre and North Quad Building and will replace a mostly 2-storey building, known as ‘New School’, (though built in 1982), that is currently at this location. The Assembly Hall, School of Music, and North Quad Building, along with the Library, Drama Centre and Founder’s Building, will all in stages enjoy some refurbishments as part of our proposal.

The work will improve movement and flow for students, with better east-west and north-south linkages across the school grounds, and enhanced outdoor spaces for the Junior School. This will include more accessible connections between the Junior School, car park, ovals, and a new reception point. The work will also feature a multipurpose space and basketball court.

The historic precinct around the Quadrangle and War Memorial Chapel will be preserved and enhanced, making this an even more inviting gathering space for students.

The concept for the new 5-storey building and its location at the centre of the School will ensure it is fully integrated into the school grounds, does not encroach on the School’s ovals and lawns, and remains well clear of boundary fences and neighbours’ gardens.

Works are expected to involve about $115 million worth of construction funded through a combination of savings, borrowings and fundraising. Work will be undertaken in a manner sensitive to the boys and our school community, and also to our local residents with whom we share the neighbourhood.

As part of this process and in line with planning guidelines, we are also considering the optimal size of the School over the next twenty years as we would like to be able to offer more boys a Trinity education. Given the extent of current enrolment demand, the growth in our catchment areas, and the projected demand for schooling across the population, we have determined to seek an increase of approximately 400 students at our Summer Hill Campus to take us to about 2,100 students. This is a size we are confident we can accommodate while still being a good neighbour, particularly through our large on-site and underground car park and kiss and drop zone, our traffic management procedures, and the siting of our buildings at the centre of our campus. We will uphold our standards of quality care and educational excellence for every boy as we grow, ensuring we do so in a gradual and careful manner.

As our proposal progresses, further information will be published on the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment website.  At this stage of the process and until 27 September 2019, feedback on our proposal can be submitted to us using the form below. We will use it to inform our planning and design work, and our application to the Department. There will also be future opportunities for you to provide input. We look forward to your support and involvement.

For members of the School community...

…you will be invited to various interactive sessions over the coming months to learn more about what this exciting initiative means for our boys.

For neighbours and other interested parties...

…thank you for joining us at our Community Drop-Ins to review our plans, meet the project team, and provide your input. The drop-ins were held on Thursday 12 September and Saturday 14 September at Trinity Grammar School – The Delmar Gallery, 144 Victoria Street, Ashfield. If you couldn’t make it, you can view the display boards here and provide your comments via the feedback form.

Enquiries and Feedback

If you have any questions about The Renewal Project or would like to discuss it further, please email