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Creative Writing Workshops

4 June

The amazing Spoken Word Poet and Author, Will Small will run two very different kinds of poetry workshops to encourage a love of poetry and language, via storytelling with a narrative that reflects the agenda of being a young man in the 21st century.

One workshop will focus on constructing and finding inspiration, whilst the other will allow students to embody the performance of a poem from page to stage in a practical way.

Will Small is a refreshing and thoughtful Australian voice; poetically fusing together influences in philosophy, literature and hip-hop, to communicate in a unique and powerful way. His writing is informed by faith, doubt, fatherhood and a relentless desire to ask better questions, tell better stories and inspire a fresh collective narrative where no voice is forgotten or left out.

Will has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) majoring in English and Philosophy from the Australian National University, where he wrote an innovative thesis titled: ‘Slamming Hip-hop in Secondary Schools: Rethinking the Ways we Teach Poetry’ and developed the ‘Voice Poetry Slam’ program, using hip-hop and slam poetry to give a voice to young people throughout the ACT & NSW.


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