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Trinity boys and their families enjoyed croissants and crime for breakfast at the Arthur Hold Library’s books@breakfast event.

Yoni Bashan, an award-winning crime writer who works at News Corp Australia, was the featured author. His recently published book, The Squad is a gritty and compelling account of an elite police squad called Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad (MEOCS), set up following the Cronulla riots in 2005. Yoni shared with audience, the inner workings of the biggest investigations – the wired-up informants, the undercover agents, the ingenious tactics and electrifying near-misses.

Detectives who feature in the book, Andrew Mitchell and Dave Roberts, joined Yoni at the books@breakfast event. Clearly riveted by the presentation, the hushed silence was broken only by gasps from audience members as they listened to first-hand accounts of the daily danger faced by detectives in dealing with “criminals who have no regard for human life.” Audience members revelled in this rare opportunity to listen to and meet the author of this enthralling book – even rarer was the opportunity to meet the central characters themselves and gain an insight to this world through conversation and audio and video footage.

The next books@breakfast is scheduled to take place at 7am Tuesday 31 October 2017.

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