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House Drama Finals

House Drama allows year groups within houses to mix so that Senior boys work with Middle School boys and assist to develop collaboration. Each house was required to develop a scene with plenty of detail regarding context, but open with dramatic possibilities. Two boys from another house, having no idea what they’re in for, enter the scene. It’s the job of the scene providers to be inclusive of the others and to make offers so they shine. The responsibility of those entering the scene is to take up those offers and help drive the scene.

Many of these actors had not been on a stage before showing great courage. In the final, boys performed live to 500 people in the Assembly Hall and then relayed by broadcast to 500 in the Sports centre. In the end, whether the scene brought down the house or not, did not matter. What mattered was that they had a go and collaborated to create something unique to be communicated to an audience.

House Drama takes place each year in June.

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