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Year 7 Visual Arts Workshops

The Festival of Arts offers many opportunities for inspired learning to take place outside the classroom. In Visual Arts, all Year 7 students participated in making linear string sculptures in three locations around the School. These deceptively simple patterns and forms, based on the designs generated by the humble Spirograph. Students agreed on a shared vision for creating and making the final design, developing excellent teamwork skills demonstrating perseverance and focus to successfully complete the day-long task. Other subject skills such as measuring and mapping to inform the artistic process and achieve the desired result were successfully employed.

In just one day, students managed to transform parts of their environment, by using string and ribbon, changing ordinary spaces into extraordinary spaces that inspired and excited the senses. The creative use of material and space, along with the teamwork skills of communication and collaboration inspired the students and allowed them to see their world in different ways and to imagine what can be.

This event takes place each year in May.

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