Pair reap IB success

1 Feb 2017

Pair reap IB success


CLASSMATES Kevin Batliwala and Nicholas Plessas have no regrets about choosing the International Baccalaureate instead of the HSC.

Kevin, from Beverly Hills, received 38 out of 45 in the IB, equivalent to an ATAR of 96.8, while Revesby’s Nicholas received a score equivalent to an ATAR of 93.45.

They are two of 61 students from Trinity Grammar School who chose to do the IB, a transnational certificate and HSC alternative.

Just 15 NSW schools – all non-government – offer the IB as well as the HSC and this year more than 14,000 students globally sat the exams, including 2282 in Australia.

Kevin, 18, said while it was not the right decision for everybody, he liked the less competitive nature of the IB.

“Everyone’s on level ground, so it’s all about helping each other,” he said.

Nicholas, 17, agreed the IB “takes you out of the bubble of studying in a room”.

“You’re not forced to fit into the box that people doing the HSC are,” he said.

“You are encouraged not to just focus on your marks, but to get among your community, see what’s going on in the world around you.” The IB results were released on January 2.

Kevin is on track to pursue a career in psychology, while Nicholas hopes to make it in law. Both said they felt more equipped to handle university after completing the IB.

“It’s not without risk,” Nicholas said.

Kevin added: “I’d definitely recommend it.”

Published in the Canterbury Bankstown Express | 17 January 2017


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