MS/SS Academic Year Extension

Parent and Student Information: September 2, 2021

Latest Covid-19 Update

MS/SS Academic Year Extension

Parent and Student Information: September 2, 2021


Trinity has decided to extend the current academic year until the end of Term 4, 2021.

On this page you will find:

  • Replays of the livestream presentations made by the Head Master and the Academic Dean.
  • Questions that were not able to be attended to on the night. They are grouped by theme in the Q&A section.
  • Summary sheets about i) The Academic Year extension and ii) The rescheduling of Residentials 5 & 6 (2021).

Year 10

The Academic Dean’s video presentation is the best resource. In addition for this cohort:

  • A Course Information Booklet will be distributed to Year 10 students on Monday 6th September
  • There will be an Information Webinar for Year 10 students on Tuesday afternoon
  • Another Information Webinar specifically for Year 10 parents will take place in the evening of Tuesday 7th September.

Livestream Replays and Presentations

Understanding more about the academic rollover model

Year 10 – Presentation by the Academic Dean

What about the Field Studies Programme?

Questions raised after the Livestream were collated into themes and appear in the Q&A section below.

Q and A

Year 12, 2021 - Clarity around HSC and IBD examinations, Valedictory arrangements, and the plans for Year 12 classes in the first four weeks of next term

As you will have seen in both the media and in communication from the School, the HSC start date has been pushed back to the 9th of November.

The School is in the hands of NSW Health and NESA regarding the examination arrangements and we will update you as and when new information is released.

The 2021 IBD examinations will go ahead if the Public Health Orders permit. If we are unable to run the examinations, the IBO has procedures in place to calculate results and ranks to facilitate matriculation to university. Again, we will update you as and when information becomes available.

Our advice is unambiguous. Year 12 students should continue to prepare for both the HSC and IBD examinations.

Like the Class of 2020, Year 12 are facing a disappointing end to their time at Trinity and are likely to miss out on many of the traditional valedictory events and celebrations. However, the School continues to plan how it might be possible to offer a Valedictory event that combines the customary Final Assembly, Year 12 Prizegiving and, hopefully, a House function for the young men of the Class of 2021, if Public Health Orders permit. It is likely that any event would be on campus and be for students only. Planning is ongoing and we are at the mercy of NSW Health, but if we can do something to celebrate the conclusion of Year 12, we will.

Year 12 classes will run according to the timetable in the first four weeks of next term. Their teachers will provide revision programmes and be available to support students through video-conferencing, while still providing opportunities for self-directed study and individual examination preparation.


Year 11/2021 - clarifying whether Year 12 content will be taught in Michaelmas Term and when Focus Days will commence

Year 11 are the least effected by the decision to wind back the ‘rollover’. They will commence their Year 12 programme in both the HSC and IBD next term. Focus Days will commence in 2022. The new School Officers will take up their duties next term.

Year 10/2021 - Concerns that Michaelmas Term would be wasted and that students would be marking time

A comprehensive suite of adjustments and provisions will be implemented to ensure that Year 10 students are catered for. It goes against everything that Trinity stands for to waste a term’s learning. The Academic Dean’s presentation was clear, and is available on this page in the livestream replay section.

A Course Information Booklet will be distributed to Year 10 students next Tuesday, and there will be an Information Webinar for Year 10 students on Tuesday afternoon, and another Information Webinar specifically for Year 10 parents next Wednesday evening. Questions around subject choices, independent projects and the commencement of the CAS component of the IBD will be addressed in the Course Information Booklet and in both Webinars.

Year 9/2021 - arrangements for the Field Studies Programme; disappointment about Residentials 5 and 6

The School is committed to providing an opportunity for the Year 9 students allocated to Residential 5 and 6 if Health Orders permit. At this stage, the two programmes will be combined and will run for all 80 students from the 15th of November. If it is not possible to run the full programme, it may be that an abbreviated programme may still run later in November. If that is not possible, the School has set aside a time in the January 2022 holiday break for an abbreviated residential programme. If the Public Health Orders do not permit a January programme, an abbreviated residential programme has been tentatively scheduled for the July 2022 holiday break.

As Mr Barr noted in his Friday Bulletin on September 3, we understand the uncertainty for families; the Field Studies Residential Programme is of such high value that we will do all we can to ensure your son can have his experience.

The structure of the Middle and Senior School Timetable means it will not be possible for Year 9/2021 Residential 5 and 6 to run during Term time in 2022, and this provides some context to the January and July 2022 holiday options.

Year 7 and 8 Questions

There were almost no questions about the effect of the removal of the rollover for Stage 4.

For the boys of Year 7 and 8 it will largely be business as usual for Michaelmas Term. In most cases, they will do the units of work that were planned.

Covid-Safe Plans, Rapid Antigen Testing and Vaccination

There were a number of questions about whether the School could organise access to vaccinations, whether we would conduct rapid antigen testing and whether it would be safe for students to return to School.

The School has no ability to source Pfizer vaccine or to roll out a vaccination programme. In the event that NSW Health decide to run a schools’ vaccination programme, we will, of course, comply.

The question of when it is safe to return to School is a matter on which we have no control. We will follow the advice of NSW Health. The School strongly encourages you and your son to get vaccinated in accordance with the NSW Health and ATAGI advice.

We remain committed to providing a safe for all students, employees, and visitors to the School. As we have done to this point, we will follow the advice of Independent and Government agencies and Public Health authorities in response to COVID-19, including following any, and all, Public Heath Orders, including, if required, the implementation of Rapid Antigen Testing.

Reports, Assessments and Prizegiving

There were a number of questions pertaining to Reports and Assessments.

Academic Reports for Year 11 and 12 will be released as scheduled over the holiday break. Academic Reports for Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 will be made available in early December.

All assessments for Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 in Michaelmas Term will count towards Academic Reports and Academic Prizes.

A Prizegiving ceremony will be held for students in Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 in early December, subject to Public Health Orders.

Mental Health

There were also questions relating to a concern for the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

The School continues to provide support and therapy for students who may be struggling with poor mental health. If you are concerned for your son’s mental health, please reach out to the School through your son’s Housemaster, Mr Allen or Dr De Lany, or the TESS Counselling and Psychological Support Service.

School Fees

A small number of people asked about School fees.

This is a policy decision that is the preserve of the School Council. As with all decisions concerning fees, you will be notified when, and if, any decisions are taken regarding the Fee Schedule.

Request for further information

If you have a request for specific information following the webinar replays, Q&A section and summary sheets, please please reach out to the School through Mr Allen or Dr De Lany.