Our Learning environments

Our learning environments

Trinity provides students with learning environments and experiences that allow them to get the most out of each of their classes, foster positive teacher-student relationships, and prepare them for life beyond the School.

By creating innovative learning environments, we can achieve all this and more, giving students access to resources that empower them as they learn, recognising their needs and catering to them in myriad ways.

Our learning environments allow students to explore their learning deeper, giving them the tools to collaborate and connect with other students as well as independently discover their own strengths and interests.

Our passionate eLearning team provides tailored professional development to our staff and works with students across all campuses to ensure that as a school we are at the forefront of innovative learning. We have introduced a suite of web-based tools that support our students in accessing their learning anytime, anywhere.

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Trinity encourages a wide range of sporting pursuits but they don’t come much more exotic than winning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gold...