Middle and Senior School

Middle and Senior School

Participation in Trinity’s Co-curricular programme is compulsory throughout the middle and senior years. From Year 7, students participate in the extensive programme through compulsory programmes as well as other activities they find interesting. The compulsory programmes for each year group are as follows:

  • Year 7 – Peer Support Induction Programme.
  • Year 8 – Either an auditioned Music group or the School’s Cadet Unit.
  • Year 9 – one of the following: auditioned Music group, Cadet Unit, community Service, Debating, Duke of Edinburgh Bronze programme, Drama Production, or Chess.
  • Year 11 – Peer Support training to develop vital leadership, decision-making and communication skills.

From Year 10, students undertake at least one ‘secondary’ Co-curricular activity in addition to any compulsory activities.


Trinity offers a rich and varied music programme.  Music allows students to practice at their skill, share their skill with others through concerts and performances, and learn discipline along the way.

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News from the Music Department

As the First Semester draws to a close, the Music Department has celebrated two of its major events: the annual Gala Concert, held at the City Recital Hall, Angel Place; and the Winter Concert. The Gala Concert, with its title of Cosmic Forces, did not disappoint. The concert began with the resounding sounds of the [...]

Music News | Preparatory School

Year 4 Band Program Today was the final day of the Year 4 Band and Strings Sight-reading Program. Thanks, and appreciation to the Summer Hill music staff who have been co-ordinated by Mr Gergley Malyusz and to Mrs Palmer for her work with the String students.  Year 3 will experience this program next Semester.   [...]

Music News | Junior School

The Junior School Choir sang at the Y3-6 Assembly this week, demonstrating one of the pieces that they performed last week at the Gala Concert “When I Grow Up” from Matilda the Musical: Minchin (arranged: Emerson). The School enjoyed seeing them perform and some boys in the audience showed interest in joining the Choir next [...]

Creative Arts

At Trinity Grammar School, there are varied opportunities for students to stretch their creative muscles. Whether it be through auditioned groups like the Musical / Drama group or through meeting each week to hone their photography skills, students are encouraged to dive into the Arts and explore their creativity alongside their peers.


Drama Club | Years 8 to 12

Media Production

Visual Art

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Delmar gallery Exhibition walkthrough

Four NIDA ambassadors

Four Trinity students have been selected to act as theatre ambassadors at Sydney’s Griffin Theatre Company, with one student also snaring a coveted spot at NIDA. They are HSC Drama students Hamish Kidd (12St), Jack Fahd (12La) and Year 11 Preliminary Drama student Cooper Hollis (11Sc), along with Thomas Jenkins (11Fo), who is studying IB Theatre. Thomas [...]


Inspiring co-operation and mutual respect, competitiveness is encouraged for the sake of students giving their best, rather than for the sake of winning. From Year 7, all students are required to participate in a Summer and a Winter sport which involves mid-week training and a Saturday commitment of inter-school competitions, under the authority of the Combined Associated Schools (CAS).

Coaching is provided by members of staff, external coaches, and specialist personnel. Testimony to the value of these programmes is the School’s history of success across all sports.

Basketball | Years 7 – 12

Basketball at Trinity has become one of the sports with the highest participation in the School. Over the three campuses there are 60 teams playing basketball! Development Tours to the US occur every three years and Trinity has been fortunate to see numerous players go on to be selected in elite teams.

Cricket | Years 7 – 12

Cricket at Trinity is open to all students of all levels of ability. The team sport helps to build an appreciation of the need to perform at one’s best for the benefit of the team and it helps students to develop confidence in team situations, building solid friendships along the way. Trinity boasts 18 cricket teams in the Senior School. Students have the opportunity to tour internationally once every two years.


Fencing | Years 11 & 12

Of the three Fencing codes, Trinity students learn to fence with the foil: a short blade descended from the smallsword of the 17th and 18th centuries. Unlike other solo competitions, Fencing places less emphasis on endurance and the ability to move quickly for long periods. Instead, foil fencing is akin to chess, where the competition is determined by preparation during the bout and in reading one’s opponent rather than in the execution of an attack.

Golf | Years 10 – 12

This Co-curricular activity provides an opportunity for students who are already involved in the sport to further develop their skills and understanding of the game. It is open to those who have an AGU Handicap or are part of a Cadet Programme through their local Gold Club. There is also an Interschools Golf Series Competition that students participate in.

Lawn Bowls | Years 11 & 12

Raw Sports | Years 11 & 12

School Swimming | Years 7 – 12

Summer Swimming Squad | Years 9 – 12

Table Tennis | Year 12

Tennis | Years 7 – 12

Tennis is enjoyed in both the summer and winter sporting seasons. Trinity has 4 representative teams in each age group, composed of the top 16 players in each cohort. Places in the representative teams are ability-based and selections are by preseason trial results and progress during any particular season.

Touch Football | Years 8 – 12

Track and Field (Summer) | Years 7 – 12

Whether it’s as a member of Trinity’s CAS Squad or the School’s own registered ‘Athletics Club’, there are a range of opportunities for each student to develop their athletic potential in their chosen discipline. Many of Trinity’s coaches have coached athletes to World Championships.

Volleyball | Years 9 – 12

Trinity is the most successful school in CAS Volleyball history since it began in 1989 and is enjoyed by students in both summer and winter.

Waterpolo | Years 7 – 12

Rugby | Years 7 – 12

Since it began at Trinity in 1916, Rugby has enjoyed degrees of success with CAS Championship wins and a number of players continuing on to represent State and National teams.

Football | Years 7 – 12

Under the direction of MIC and Director of Football Coaching, Luke Gray, students can experience football from Years K — 12. Trinity provides an all year ‘round Specialist Programme for students in Years 3 — 12, complementing their Trinity and elite club commitments. Overseas tours occur every two years.

Cross Country | Years 7 – 12

Since 1985, Trinity has had enormous Cross Country success, becoming the most successful School at the CAS Cross Country Championships. 2014, in particular, was an illustrious year as the Trinity Cross Country team won nearly every piece of silverware on offer as they cominated at the event.

AFL | Years 7 – 12

AFL has been played at Trinity since 2003, with the School’s involvement in the AFL Spring Challenge. The School’s long-standing involvement in this competition led to its prominent role in the Independent School’s Cup which began in 2013.

School Swimming | Years 9 – 12

Snow Sports

Tennis | Years 7 – 12

Tennis is enjoyed in both the summer and winter sporting seasons. Trinity has 4 representative teams in each age group, composed of the top 16 players in each cohort. Places in the representative teams are ability-based and selections are by preseason trial results and progress during any particular season.

Volleyball | Years 9 – 12

Trinity is the most successful school in CAS Volleyball history since it began in 1989 and is enjoyed by students in both summer and winter.

Fencing | Years 11 & 12

Lawn Bowls | Year 11 & 12

Table Tennis | Year 12

RAW Sports | Year 11 & 12

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Sports News | Preparatory School

Term 2 has seen the boys in Years 4-6 participate in the Winter Sport season. At the beginning of the season, unprecedented wet weather had a harsh impact on our teams as it limited their ability to train but also resulted in the cancelation of many fixtures. The back end of the term has seen [...]

Tennis Round vs St Aloysius – Winter 22

Last Saturday was the final round for this term and it was contested against the students from St Aloysius' College. Overall, the fixture was competitive across the board with Trinity winning the higher percentage of matches on the day. Congratulations must be extended to the following teams who were able to register wins; 1,4,5,6th IV, [...]

From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

Dear Parents, A busy term concludes with some mixed results in Round 7 last Saturday. Our nine IPSHA football teams had a tough day but learnt valuable lessons against quality opponents. Three wins in football, including a dominant 3-0 win by the 6As, were the stand out results. Our 1st XV rugby boys continued their [...]


The Cadet Unit is an Adventure Training and Leadership activity. During Cadets, students will learn to lead and take responsibility for each other and learn to follow and respond to the leadership of students. The activity offers a wide variety of training to care for many interests that include signals, survival and first aid courses, navigation, and officer training. In a partnership with Meriden School, students from both schools work together, cooperating and collaborating towards shared goals, as is the situation in after school life. The School utilises a relationship with the Australian Army to access a variety of different military training areas for its field phases activities.

In Senior years, students can take courses in Leadership Training to prepare for various positions of responsibility within the Unit. Specialist platoons cater to those boys who wish to continue to serve the Unit in a non-leadership capacity but remain within the activity.

If you would like to know more about Trinity’s Cadet Unit, or have questions regarding your son’s involvement, please get in touch with Ms Susan Draysey.

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TGSACU – CAS Drill Competition

On Wednesday this week, a 27 member Drill Competition team represented our Cadet Unit at the 2022 CAS Drill Competition. TGSACU hosted the competition this year, which was held at Knox Grammar School (due to space considerations at Trinity). Our Team, having the challenge of limited time together to practice and rehearse the set drill [...]

Preparation for Ceremonial Parade

After being restricted to classrooms last week due to bad weather, it was good to have the whole Unit on No 1 Oval this week, practising for Ceremonial Parade. We started with a review of basic drill, instructed by MAJ(AAC) Evans (visiting our Unit to assist with drill and parade preparation). Working in Companies, new [...]

TGSACU – ANZAC Day Commemoration Services 2022

The Cadet Unit was in big demand to assist in the community as ANZAC Day commemorations returned to pre -COVID levels. In total the Catafalque Party was installed eight times as our senior cadets responded to the call. Precision drill fascinates the community and our cadets, looking sharp in full ceremonial dress, enhanced the reputation [...]

Clubs and Associations

Archaeological Society


Cartesian Society

Charity and Community group

Chess Club


Debating Society

Mock Trial

Major Productions

Ecological Awareness Group

English as an Additional Language / Dialect (EAL / D)

Fishing Club

Mathematics Club

Peer Support

Raw Challenge

Technology and Design Club

Theatre Sports

Trinity Science Investigators

This Book Changed my Life

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh Award empowers young Australians aged 14 — 24 to explore their full potential through Physical Recreation, Skills, Voluntary Service, Adventurous Journeys, and, at the Gold Level, a Gold Residential Project. The Award recognises goal setting and self-improvement through persistence and achievement.

Close to 15,000 young people participate in the three levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Award each year in New South Wales. Trinity Grammar School students are among this number. The Award celebrates the wonderful energy of Australians in their pursuits of service to their communities, personal development of skills and interests, investment in their physical health and the challenge of new experiences beyond their circles.

To find out more about the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Trinity, please get in touch with

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Duke of Ed awards on offer at Woollamia

Year 9 students get new opportunity in 2022 Students have been offered a bonus as part of their Programme to Trinity’s Field Studies Centre at Woollamia – the chance to complete the bulk of a Duke of Edinburgh (DOE) award on site. The south coast sojourn presents an ideal chance to undertake the two “adventurous […]

Duke of Ed NZ Hike