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World peace? Bring it on 

Young minds tackle global issues  From world peace to nuclear power, AI to genetic engineering, inequalities in the law and education, they could scarcely have grappled with weightier  subjects.  The fact that such complex topics were chosen by the boys themselves indicates Trinity’s Year 6 students certainly don’t look for the easy way out in [...]

Understanding the Motivation and Engagement Scale (MES) for Year 5 students

The relationship between academic progress and social and emotional wellbeing is important in a young person’s development and Trinity prides itself in supporting boys in their holistic development.  Throughout their schooling, boys and parents receive a large amount of feedback about their learning journey through informal and formal assessments and reports.  Through each assessment and [...]

Academic Care in action

Academic Care is an important part of Trinity’s ecosystem of support for students. The Academic Care team works hard to ensure that Trinity’s Academic Care strategy is carried out effectively.  Andrew Martin’s Motivation and Engagement Wheel underpins much of Trinity’s approach to Academic Care, while three crucial tenets underlie this wheel:  Motivation is not purely [...]

What is Academic Care?

“Academic care is the teaching and monitoring of all students and provision of additional support for some students, to encourage academic engagement that results in academic growth. The School’s Academic Care Programme outlines the pedagogies, structures, processes and programmes for the teaching and monitoring of all students and provision of additional support for students identified [...]

Connection to Country – an outback adventure 

Schooling in the voice of reconciliation  They ate green ants and other bush tucker, learned Aboriginal words, made spears, cooked damper, swam in waterholes and played footy; they made soap from tree ferns, caught rainwater in leaves, painted, wove baskets, visited the local school and heard stories from Aboriginal elders.  Of all the things Trinity [...]

Let’s dance

A tale of two composers, and 202 performers  Trinity’s showcase musical extravaganza demands an intense personal and collaborative effort – 272 hours of formal rehearsal time, to be exact, for the combined cast of 202 performers.   This year’s event, themed Let’s Dance and staged again at the world-class City Recital Hall, concentrated two minds in [...]

FLUTTER down to ViVID this year

If you find yourself in Circular Quay between the 26 May and 17 June 2023, make the time to wander across to ‘Gateway’ in Alfred Street.  There, you’ll be greeted with a roost of mechanical butterflies, their wings catching the light and reflecting back hundreds of different vibrant shades in the ‘FLUTTER’ exhibition. The exhibition [...]

Spotlighting discussions on the Yes vote | An educational imperative

As part of Reconciliation Week, Headmaster Tim Bowden read the full Uluru Statement from the Heart at a quad assembly. “Most of you will not vote in the referendum,” he told students. “But I want you to know I will vote Yes. “Listening to a voice which has been ignored for so long is a [...]