It’s okay to be Psalmed off

18 Mar 2020

It’s okay to be Psalmed off

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge how hard and difficult it is right now. Like we wrote yesterday, love, hope and kindness are not cancelled in amongst all the other cancellations our School community is hearing or reading about. But it’s foolish to think that unicorn sprinklings of love, hope and kindness automatically make it better.

It’s foolish to think we don’t have a community, a society, that is grieving and confused. My 13-year-old daughter is devastated because her netball is cancelled. Parents are terrified about far sicker children than my daughter and her netball woes. I can remind her about the four percenters who could indeed die due to this virus, and why self-exclusion and social distancing is vital, and to stop being precious and selfish….but, well, she’s 13. She wants to play netball! And, as her mum dealing with her anxiety and upset, I want her to play netball too.

Therefore, I’m calling it: it’s okay to be Psalmed off about this.

Because I am. On the broad scale, I’m Psalmed off that many of us end up living in fear for the health of loved ones. But it’s the small stuff that also Psalms me off. And I try to tell myself I ought to get over it, but sometimes it sneaks up:

I’m Psalmed off my dearest friend’s 50th birthday party is looking in jeopardy. I’m Psalmed off I couldn’t make my graduation on Monday night after three years of part-time study whilst holding down a full-time job and being a wife and mother. I’m Psalmed off I can’t just duck into my local supermarket for toilet paper.

And the above list makes me feel small, mean, a little bit selfish and just plain cranky. I snapped at two of my bosses yesterday. When we don’t know what the future holds, when the world is feeling out of our control, some snappy comes out. Yes, I can make the choice to respond with love, hope and kindness. But in that particular moment? I didn’t.

I’m Psalmed off.

At such times I take heart in the Psalms in the Christian scriptures. They remind me that it’s okay to be totally Psalmed off with life, with God, and have a jolly, good vent at Him (which is likely a better choice than at my bosses). They also remind me that even if I have zero desire to be kind, loving or hopeful right at that second, I can get there eventually. Or, more correctly, God will get me there eventually.

So, I encourage you, be Psalmed off. Try Psalm 13. Or Psalm 42. Or Psalm 35. Look at how cranky the authors get with God.

Then, when you’re ready, note how they move to praising Him. When you’re ready.

Until then?

Be Psalmed off.

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