A great place to start is the following frequently-asked questions
about bringing your own device:

Years 7 TO 12 FAQs

While using the School network the device will have enterprise-grade filtering applied to internet content and applications.  All usage through the School network is monitored. Trinity does not deploy any filtering or monitor networks outside of official Trinity Grammar School ICT networks. Trinity also teaches eSmart and responsible digital citizenship to ensure students understand responsibilities and appropriate behaviour when using technology.

No. Students are required to bring with them a fully charged device which will last for 6 hours.

Students have access to printing in the Arthur Holt Library. Printing is based on a credit system.

Trinity recommends students using Windows or MacOS utilise their OneDrive (as part of Office 365) and/or Google Drive for the G Suite for Education. Both Cloud systems offer large data repositories and a local client to sync for selected data. Students may also like to save locally to their laptops.
Please note that despite the location of where data is saved, it is the Student’s responsibility to ensure their work is regularly backed up. Trinity may not be able to retrieve data from OneDrive, Google Drive or locally stored files in the event of a failure. Trinity does not take responsibility for the backup or recovery of data.
      • Android devices
      • iOS devices
      • Windows 10 Mobile devices
      • Linux devices
      • Chromebooks

Please feel free to contact ICT Service Centre for further clarification around what devices are not allowed and the minimum specifications documentation.

Trinity recommends that families seek to insure all devices that are brought to School. All laptops come with a three-year warranty with all Windows and MacOS purchases via Trinity’s BYOD Purchase Portal. There is an option to add Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) insurance. It is important to read the ADP agreement and T&Cs before purchasing.

Trinity recommends that anti-virus software and in-built firewalls within Windows and MacOS are enabled and regularly updated on all devices brought to School. Trinity actively works to make its network safe from viruses, however, Trinity does not accept any responsibility for devices which contract viruses. Regular backups should be taken which can be used to restore from in the event a device needs to be rebuilt.

It is the responsibility of all students to look after and care for their devices while at School. If you feel that a device is broken due to another student’s carelessness, you may contact the relevant Deputy Head of School via the Pastoral Office to discuss the matter further

As soon as possible, please report the damage to the ICT Service Centre. Students will need to provide details of the damage to their Head of School. A loan device may be issued for a two-week period where possible.

Type of device

  • A laptop style device is required and must include a physical keyboard.

Screen Size

  • A screen dimension of 12” to 14” is recommended. Devices larger than 14” or smaller than 10” are unsuitable for school use.

Operating System

Any of the following:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 version 22H2, 11 or Apple Mac OSX 13.6.2 (Ventura)
    16GB RAM, 256GB Solid State disk (SSD)

Wireless Compatibility

  • Devices must have 5GHz 802.11n support (Dual Band Wireless) “802.11abgn”, “802.11agn”, “802.11ac” or “Gigabit Wireless”.


  • <2kg is advised as the device is to be carried to each class.

Battery Performance

  • >6 hours – students cannot charge their device in the classroom.


  • A protective sleeve, cover or case is required.

Web Browser

      • Safari – latest version (MacOS only)
      • Chrome – latest version
      • Firefox – latest version

Security Software

      • Microsoft Security (Windows)
      • ClamXAV (MacOS)

The ICT Service Centre can provide the following assistance:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Network connection issues
  • Basic diagnosis
  • Assist lodging and escalating valid warranty and insurance repairs/claims for devices purchased from Trinity’s Purchase Portal.

Short term loan devices are available for all student s to use in the event of a device malfunction or failure so that students can continue working while their device is being repaired or replaced.  This service will have associated conditions and will be free for the first 14 days after which a rental fee may apply. Students and parents must complete an ICT Loan form before a device is issued.

  • Connect to the Trinity WiFi network
  • Access all online tools and services including Office 365, Google Workspace for Education and Canvas and other student-based applications.
  • Download Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Login to TGS devices including Mac and PC labs.
  • Access to the library catalogues, databases, and services.

Key contacts

You can contact the Trinity ICT Service
Centre via this form. The ICT Service
Centre is open Monday to Friday
between 7:30am – 4:30pm.

For questions on the BYOD programme,
please contact the eLearning Integrator
for your campus.


Miss Rachel Hughes

For questions, order updates and issues
with the BYOD Purchase Portal:

Account Manager – John Ng

You can also click on the Chat Now
option in the portal.