Curriculum and Course Information


Curriculum and Course Information


Pre-K (at Strathfield) is the launching pad from which your son’s exciting journey in education begins. Bridging the gap between childcare and formal education, it provides a critical foundational year, preparing boys for their first formal year of School – Kindergarten.

The Primary Years Programme (PYP – International Baccalaureate Organisation) forms the framework of the Trinity Pre-Kindergarten curriculum, immersing students in a learning environment rich with opportunities. In small groups, nurtured by our early childhood specialist teachers, your son will be introduced gently to the school environment, with literacy and numeracy experiences integrated into units of inquiry and taught explicitly as skill-based activities.

The THRASS (Teaching, Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills) phonemic awareness teaching tool is introduced in Pre-Kindergarten. He will also learn vital social skills through the PALS (Playing and Learning to Socialise) programme. For more information download the Pre-K Information Brochure.

K to 6

Trinity is committed to knowing and caring for every boy and giving him the best possible start to his school life. Parents are offered a choice of two primary campuses — the Preparatory School at Strathfield (Pre-K-6) and the Junior School at Summer Hill (K-6).

The boys’ needs at either location are met by a differentiated, inquiry based curriculum, taught through the framework of the Primary Years Programme (PYP). This is the primary counterpart to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma – an internationally renowned and recognised curriculum framework that emphasises the holistic development of students, physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically.

Based on an inquiry learning model, the PYP programme focuses on the total growth of the developing child, touching hearts as well as minds and encompassing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic development. It is delivered by motivated, creative and caring classroom teachers using exceptional facilities and resources.

Year 7

The Middle School Programme is centred in the School’s fundamental belief that best classroom practice goes hand in hand with Pastoral Care, with programmes designed to help every boy grow in Mind, Body and Spirit.

The transition programme in Year 7 marks the change from the Primary School to the disciplined subject based curriculum, of the Middle and Senior Schools. There is a transitional support class in operation from the start of Year 7 for those boys who need a little more help with their integration into the Middle School academic studies.

From here and throughout his secondary years, your son will also participate in a Life Skills Programme. Designed to develop ethical, moral and social values, the programme will equip him with essential life skills that will enhance his capacity to be emotionally resilient and socially aware.

Years 8 to 9

Characterised by more focused academic study, these critical school years form the basis of subject pathways for the Senior Years. Trinity’s Gifted and Talented Programme is designed to develop each boy’s academic ability to the full, honours and extension classes that are available. Boys may also choose from a range of subject electives for the first time, enabling the academic pursuit of interests in Languages, the Creative Arts, the Performing or Visual Arts.

A highlight of your son’s emotional development, in the Middle School, is the Field Studies programme that culminates in a four week Outdoor Education Residential Programme in Year 9. Here, he will develop independence and self-discipline, living in a community and experiencing a programme that offers academic, social, environmental and physical challenges. See the breakdown of the Year 8 course here and the Year 9 course here.

Senior Years

Trinity is committed to developing and challenging the minds of young men, whilst providing a wealth of opportunities for them to fully realise their unique potential, passions and purpose in life, in these critical final years.

Your son will have access to an extensive range of world class education programmes which will cater for his interests, abilities and individual learning styles, and Trinity is proud to consistently achieve exceptional results across all pathways.

The Year 10 academic programme at Trinity completes the Stage 5 Board of Studies curriculum. In keeping with this commitment to maintaining and enhancing academic standards Year 10 students also undertake comprehensive Vocational Testing and Interviews and also complete the Trinity Senior Achievement Test (TSAT). Both these are reviewed with each student by Senior Staff members to enable them to make wise subject selection choices for their final two years of secondary education in the HSC, IB Diploma or TVAC.

Years 11 and 12 are focused on preparing boys for their chosen pursuits albeit university entry (in both Australia and overseas), vocational education and training, or post school employment. See breakdown of courses here.