COVID-19: Important Advice and Information

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COVID-19: Important Advice and Information

Latest Advice

Sections of this page were last updated: Monday, 30 March, 2020.

Latest advice

The government has now stated that if people can work from home, they should do so. In line with this principle, most of the Trinity staff will be working remotely from tomorrow onwards, although a core of staff will remain onsite and other staff will come and go according to their circumstances and needs. However, despite this change, the School remains committed to supporting families by providing school-based supervision for students. None of our students will be turned away.

However, recognising the increased urgency in the government’s guidance, we have taken the decision to cancel the remaining Year 11 and 12 examinations. There will be no examinations on Tuesday or Wednesday this week. The Curriculum Office will be in contact with Year 11 and 12 students regarding this decision, and the path forward for their re-engagement with remote learning.

Students taking up the option for ‘School-based supervision’ will receive their learning according to Trinity’s remote learning protocols, but they can do on school premises under the supervision of school staff.

Parents can choose whether to send their son to school for supervision, or to have him learn from home.

The strong guidance from government is that students should remain at home as much as possible, reduce physical proximity and contact with other people, and take all appropriate steps to minimise transmission of the coronavirus.

Trinity Grammar School has prepared resources to support boys and families in remote learning. For more information about remote learning please visit the Remote Learning landing page.

At this point in time, no staff or students at Trinity have been diagnosed with COVID-19

Please read through this page as we have updated and added new sections.

We continue to encourage families to refer to this page as the authoritative sense of truth regarding Trinity Grammar School’s response to the COVID-19 situation.

Remote Learning and Support

UPDATED: Monday, 30 March, 2020.

Since Wednesday 25 March 2020, Trinity Grammar School has been operating in a remote learning mode. This decision has been taken following direction from the NSW Premier, requiring:

  • NSW schools to remain open
  • NSW schools to teach in a remote-learning mode
  • Parents to have the option to keep their children home from school
  • NSW schools to provide school-based supervision of students if needed

How is the School delivering remote learning?

Please visit the School’s Remote Learning landing page.

I’m confused by the NSW Government announcement. Do I send my son to School or not?

For COVID-19 mitigation purposes, the NSW Government has asked schools to remain open, but deliver in a remote learning mode. We understand this has caused some confusion amongst our community.

The NSW Premier has said schools in NSW will remain open but has encouraged parents to keep their children at home to contain the spread of coronavirus.

As we have been advised by the government, School-based supervision of students is to be provided as an option. This is intended to support families who may work in the health sector, or other essential service contexts, and who may not be able to supervise students at home.

We also understand other parents may not fall into government-identified categories, but who are also unable to supervise students at home. School-based supervision is available for these families also.

‘School-based supervision’ means your son would receive his learning via Trinity’s remote platform, just as the other students will, but he will do that learning whilst on the School’s grounds and supervised by School staff.

Student attendance records

The School continues to have a government obligation to keep records of attendance. The three key categories during remote learning will be: present; learning remotely; or absent (for illness). The roll will be marked of the boys who are present at school each day.

A text message will be sent to parents of boys who are not present at school, stating that the boy is absent and noting that the School is assuming that he is learning remotely. If this is the case, no response is necessary. If your son is unwell and therefore not learning remotely on that day, please notify the school by responding to the text message.

Year 7-10 assessments

All formal assessments for Years 7-10 that are scheduled between now and the end of term will be modified to become work done remotely that provides evidence of learning.

Are Year 11 and 12 examinations still taking place?

The government has now stated that if people can work from home, they should. Recognising the increased urgency in the government’s guidance, we have taken the decision to cancel the remaining Year 11 and 12 examinations. There will be no examinations on Tuesday or Wednesday. The Curriculum Office will be in contact with Year 11 and 12 students regarding this decision, and the path forward for their re-engagement with remote learning.

What will happen to Study Support and Study+ Programmes?

The Arthur Holt Library in Summer Hill library will be closed from Tuesday March 31. Study Support and Study+ Programmes have been cancelled.

Is the School going to use video conferencing/meeting platforms for remote learning? 

Yes. We are trialling additional protocols in Week 10 for Phase 2, which we anticipate rolling out at the start of Term Two. Interactive video will become a more prominent feature of remote learning at that point.

As we move to the second phase of remote learning at the start of Term 2, we will be using interactive chat and live classroom breakouts using the video meetings function in Microsoft Teams. Our choice of this platform has been based on familiarity:

  • our students are familiar with the Microsoft Office suite,
  • it integrates with Canvas, a platform with which they are familiar
  • it offers our ICT extensive functionality when it comes to protocol and protection securities

The opportunity to trial and develop our approach will take place during the course of Week 10 to ensure that our protocols for interactive video, and the skills of staff, are in good shape.

Will my son be able to continue his music lessons when the School is closed?

The School will be in contact directly with students who take instrumental music lessons.

What is happening with other co-curricular activities?

All co-curricular activities have been paused during remote learning.

School-Based Supervision Arrangements

UPDATED: Friday, 27 March, 2020.

Should my son stay home from school?

Your son must stay home from school if:

  • He is unwell, particularly with a cough, fever, sore throat or other respiratory symptoms
  • He has travelled overseas within the last 14 days
  • He has had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19
  • He has a confirmed case of COVID-19
  • He is awaiting the results of a test for COVID-19

Your son may stay home from School if you choose. Whether your son is at School or at home, he will be engaging in remote learning.

School-based supervision

In accordance with the Premier’s direction, the School will provide supervision for boys during normal school hours, while they learn in the remote mode.

Boys who are coming to School for supervision should assemble around the quad (Middle/Senior School) or in lines (Preparatory/Junior School) at the usual times; directions will be given from there. Protocols around social distancing and hygiene will be observed and reinforced.

Boys should not be sent to the School for supervision if they are unwell.

School buses

The School’s buses in the morning and afternoon stopped operating at the end of Week 9.

Student possessions

Boys who need to come to school to pick up possessions or equipment should sign in and out at Student Services (Middle/Senior School) or Reception (Preparatory/Junior School) when arriving or departing the campus.


The Cafeteria/Canteen will have limited capacity this week. Lunch orders may be placed according to the usual process, but there will be very limited point of sale service.


Precautionary Measures at Trinity

UPDATED: Thursday, 26 March, 2020.

Has the School cancelled events or activities in light of the COVID-19 situation?

Yes. Many previously-scheduled events, excursions and activities have been cancelled or postponed. The Calendar which can be found on the TNET Parent Portal, the Community website, or the Trinity app will be updated. The cancellations include:

  • The Cadets Annual Field Training
  • The Stage 3 China tour
  • The Year 12 trip to Ti Tree
  • ANZAC Day events
  • The School Musical School of Rock

Further decisions will be made as the situation unfolds.

What is happening with sport?

All inter-school sporting fixtures have been cancelled until further notice, as has training that was scheduled for the term break.

What is the School doing about hygiene?

A number of steps have been taken to improve hygiene around the School, including:

  • Provision of hand-sanitiser in primary classrooms, staffrooms, the cafeteria and key locations about the various campuses.
  • Increased frequency of targeted cleaning and use of hospital-grade disinfectant of high-contact areas, such as handrails, door handles and surfaces.
  • Placement of signs in bathrooms regarding the importance of thorough hand-washing.
  • Frequent reminders to students through a range of channels about the importance of hygiene and social distancing.

Is the school uniform shop open?

Due to national retail closure by Midford, the uniform shop is closed.

For online ordering,  visit Midford’s website and select Trinity Grammar School from the Online School Shops tab.

Helpful Links and Information

The links below are very helpful. In particular, the NSW Health websites provide up to date and accurate information in both English and Mandarin.

The School is closely monitoring the situation, placing the highest priority on advice provided by NSW Health. The independent school sector is providing additional assistance, and we are also talking to other schools as we determine the best way forward. We will continue to review and update our advice as new information becomes available.

The Department of Health has posted several publications here:

NSW Health FAQs:

Guidance on Home Isolation:

Federal Government Guidance:

The World Health Organisation’s advice for the public can be found here:

The Australian Government has a dedicated COVID-19 Health Information Line, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week: 1800 020 080