The Trinity Connection

Trinity Connection

The Trinity Connection originally formed in 1989. Started by a group of mothers who wished to stay 'connected' after their sons had left the School, the Trinity Connection has since expanded and includes all past parents and carers of boys who attended Trinity.

The motivation for the original Trinity Connection remains true today: gathering parents who seek to stay in touch with the School and each other after spending many hours on the sporting sidelines, concerts, pool or at events.

The group meets on a social basis to catch up on current developments at Trinity, share what their sons are doing since leaving the School, and to support not only each other, but also other community organisations within Trinity such as the Parents and Friends, Auxiliaries and Alumni. The Trinity Connection stays in touch with former families and is available to offer support as and when it is needed.

The School is grateful to the Trinity Connection’s ongoing support and modelling of philanthropy, which has included donating funds to various areas of the school or worthwhile charities, including: the restoration of the old school bell at the southern campus, violins to the Prep school, a reclining chair for the paediatric oncology at Randwick Children’s Hospital, and Exodus Foundation.

  • The Trinity Connection meets 4 times per year on a Saturday
    afternoon at 1.30pm.
  • A quarterly Newsletter is posted or emailed prior to the meeting.
PresidentCathy Clark
Vice PresidentYolla Yarad
SecretaryWendy Stead
School ContactMr Richard Bishop

2022 Meeting Dates:

  • Saturday 21st May, Staff Common room, Summer Hill
  • Saturday 20th August, Staff Common room, Summer Hill
  • Saturday 15th October. Staff Common room, Summer Hill

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