Parents and Friends Auxiliary

The Parents’ and Friends’ Association
Contact Details

PresidentMrs Jinan Ammoura
Vice PresidentMrs Sarah Vaughan
SecretaryMrs Jenny Nguyen
TreasurerMr Wayne Fotheringham
NSW Parent Council RepresentativeMr Bob Fozzard
School Contact:Mr Stephen Heanly (W) 9581 6000

Middle and Senior School Auxiliary | Summer Hill

The Middle and Senior School Auxiliary, Summer Hill is an association of
volunteer parents who meet regularly at the School during term time.

2021 Summer Hill Auxiliary Committee

PresidentMs Petty Heather
Vice PresidentMs Jenny Scott
SecretaryMrs Maria Fresta
TreasurerMrs Romana Nicholas
Social SecretaryMs Catharine Joukhada

Should you wish more information or wish to become involved in any way at all, please contact the President.

Most meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 6:30pm in the Terrace Room (or as required online), but please check the Head Master’s bulletin for exact dates, or contact the President.

The Auxiliary organises various social activities throughout the year to provide opportunities for Trinity parents to build relationships and friendships, thereby strengthening our School community. Some of these activities include the Year 12 Father and Son Breakfast, the Year 12 Mothers’ Farewell Dinner, Easter buns for the boys, the Mothers’ Day Dinner, a community team for the Mothers’ Day Classic Fun Run/Walk and the Middle School Mother and Son Dinner.

Preparatory School Auxiliary Meetings | Strathfield

The dates of these meetings are listed in the Record Book
and advertised in the weekly Bulletin, Prep News.

2021 Strathfield Auxiliary Committee

PresidentMrs Wasfieh Nwiran
Co Vice PresidentMrs Katherine Galettis
Co Vice PresidentMrs Anna Wakim
SecretaryMrs Jennifer Nguyen
TreasurerMrs Noella Tsang
Canteen Co-ordinatorMrs Clara Furfaro
Parent Liaison OfficerMrs Chau Tran
Fiesta Co-ordinatorsMrs Anna Wakim and Dr Sarah Sen
Fundraising Co-ordinatorsMr Wayne Fotheringham and Mrs Faten Oueik

They occur on either the first Wednesday morning of each month at 8:30am or prior to the termly Parent Information Evenings at 5:30pm. Meetings are held in the Preparatory School Library. Contact the President for more information about an Auxiliary role.


Junior School Auxiliary Meetings | Summer Hill

The Junior School Auxiliary (JSA) aims to enhance and support
the boys of the Junior School.

2021 Junior School Auxiliary Committee

PresidentMs Michelle Read
Vice PresidentMrs Amanda Maclean
SecretaryMrs Helen Karlos
TreasurerMrs Doreen Millena

Our focus is on Community, Events and Fundraising. Parents to become involved. Events such as our Welcome Event – Movie Under the Stars, Mothers’ and Sons’ Breakfast, Burger and Gelato Day’s and Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls, as well as providing an opportunity for the boys to ‘give back’ by fundraising for children less fortunate than themselves.

Details of meetings are published through the online school calendar and Junior School weekly e-news pages. Meetings are normally held at 9am on the first Thursday of the month (during school terms) at Café Envy in Summer Hill, with a launch event in Week 2 of Term 1.  Contact the President for more information about an Auxiliary role.

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