We are grateful to all those in our community who support Trinity financially in whatever way they are able: scholarships, end-of-financial year giving, buying (and wearing!) Trinity apparel.

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The Renewal Project

Trinity has begun a planning process to reimagine education for the next 20-30 years.

Our buildings have provided great service to generations of students. However, education in and for the 21st century has new demands and challenges. Plans include:

  • A new 5-storey building at the heart of the campus, a focal point for teaching and learning activities to challenge, encourage and develop our students
  • Improved east-west and north-south linkages across the school grounds, and enhanced outdoor spaces for the Junior School
  • More accessible connections between the Junior School, car park, ovals, a new reception point, a multipurpose space and basketball court
  • The historic precinct around the Quadrangle and War Memorial Chapel will be preserved and enhanced, making this an even more inviting gathering space for students

Support the Renewal Project by donating to our Building Trust (ABN 56 385 644 117). In doing so you will be contributing to the creation and longevity of Trinity’s innovative, flexible, individualised learning.

TGS Scholarship Fund

ABN 79 245 605 610

Trinity has a range of scholarships available for those looking to benefit from a Trinity education. In order to grow the necessary funds to ensure these scholarships continue, the School relies on support from the Trinity community.

TGS Library Fund

The Arthur Holt Library ABN 79 245 605 610

The Arthur Holt Library focuses on providing students with an environment in which to learn, read, research and engage in co-curricular activities and other collaborative activities. The specialist library team works alongside teaching staff to provide essential academic care and are committed to driving reading culture amongst the School community through engaging literature-focused events such as books@breakfast, National Simultaneous Storytime, and Australian Reading Hour.

Crested Ware

Trinity offers an extensive range of merchandise to welcome new Alumni and acknowledge long standing members and their contributions.