Trinity Grammar School provides a comprehensive range of
Co-curricular Activities. Participation is voluntary in the Preparatory
and Junior Schools and in Year 7, though it is compulsory for boys in Years 8 to 12.

The School places a premium on providing opportunities for boys to develop their skills and to feel empowered to pursue a passion.

Co-curricular Activities aim to develop important skills in leadership, communication, performance, creativity, decision-making, co-operation and service.

By participating in Co-curricular Activities that boys value and achieve in, they are able to build their self-confidence and further enhance their connection to the School

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The pub with no beer… 

But plenty of music and Irish accents  Trinity students have been spending hours in a pop-up campus “pub”, under-age maybe but with the School’s encouragement and blessing. They have also been sounding more Irish than Paddy’s Day.  The alcohol-free hostelry is otherwise known as the Assembly Hall, which has been transformed into an Irish pub [...]

Making a difference, together

At Trinity, there is a Co-curricular pursuit to appeal to every student. The Community Service Co-curricular, spearheaded by Senior School Teacher Ms Rosey Stewart, was made available to students in 2019 and it’s easy to see the impact their efforts have made in the time since.   Community service has long been a part of Trinity [...]

Christian leadership in action

Each year during Berea Mission, students from Trinity Grammar School scatter throughout the city to support other Sydney churches and schools as they run Chapel services, Christian Studies classes, lunchtime groups, youth groups, kids ministry, and more. Starting in 2005 as a Co-curricular group for students to train in Christian leadership, the group is named [...]


The Berea group focuses on Christian leadership training. The group gives students the opportunity to learn leadership skills and apply them in a variety of different settings, including throughout Berea Mission at the end of Term 1.

Community Service

The Community Service Co-curricular group is available to students in Year 9 and above. Through their involvement, they will assist with a number of charitable providers, including the Salvation Army, Food Bank, Exodus Foundation, Men’s Health Initiative and more. The group allows students to understand the impact they can have in their local and global community and encourages each student to get involved.

Chess Club

Open to all students in Years 7 – 12, the Chess Club offers boys the opportunity to learn the rules of chess and build their skill in the game. Trinity is a member of the NSW Junior Chess League, which entitles students in the Chess Club to play in the NSW SEcondary Schools’ Chess Competition. The School’s Chess teams participate in the CAS Competition and compete for the CJS Purdy Cup.

Debating Society

The Debating Society offers up a variety of opportunities to engage in the art of debating, including:

● Debating – Boys in Years 7 – 12 are able to debate in a number of inter-school competitions, including CAS Association, ISDA, and FED. Weekly training and Debating meetings take place on Friday evenings.

● Mock Trial – Open to students in Years 10 and 11, Mock Trial is run by the Law Society of NSW and Bond University. Teams from 400 schools, state-wide, compete in regional and round-robin competitions during Semester 1.

● Mooting – Run by Bond University, Mooting is open to Year 12 students only. Similar to Mock Trial, it is a more exacting discipline, which combines the argumentative skills and organisation of Debating with the quick-witted nature and verbal proficiency of Oratory.

● Oratory – Oratory competitions are held throughout the year. These include: The Lawrence Campbell Oratory, Junior Legacy Public Speaking Award, Senior Plain English Speaking Award, the TGS Senior Invitational and the Rostrum Voice of Youth Competition, as well as the School’s Internal Oratory competitions.

Drama & Production

Drama Club
Drama Club is for students in Years 8 – 11 with a focus on performance in external competitions such as the Globe Shakespeare Festival and the City of Sydney Eisteddfod. Drama Club is also available to students in Year 7, with a focus on developing skills in play-building and improvisation.

Major Production
There are major productions throughout the year that run externally to the activities of Co-curricular groups. Auditions are open to all students and are announced in the Daily Bulletin and Notice Boards. The Senior production is in May.

Theatre Sports
Theatre Sports is a dynamic and engaging activity that involves developing quick verbal and physical responses whilst drawing on higher-order thinking skills. Through theatre sports, students engage in team building and working in a co-operative, collaborative environment.

Media Production
Students in Media Production are taught to use a range of audio visual and lighting equipment. The opportunities are extensive and include the use of professional video cameras, video editing facilities, lighting design, control facilities, and multimedia production areas.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme

The Scheme stresses challenge, leadership, self-direction, independence, co-operation, and personal achievement, with students designing their own programmes to suit their own interests and abilities as they work towards the Award at Bronze (14+), Silver (15+), or Gold (16+) level.

To complete an Award, students must satisfy the requirements in each of the following Sections: Service, Expedition, Skills, Physical Recreation, Residential Project.

Working towards each Award is an unpaid endeavour, with activities completed on students’ own time. These activities require regular effort, typically an hour a week for six months.

Peer Support

The Peer Support Programme aims to utilise the positive role model Senior students can be to the younger students in the School. The programme fosters communication and friendship between older and younger students, students of the same age, and between students and staff.

Tech Clubs

A number of clubs exist within the School that afford students the opportunity to get involved with technology and build their skills. These clubs offer authentic learning experiences that result in students designing and running an experiment through a variety of mediums.This involves learning to code using the Python programming language, learning about basic microelectronics, and, importantly, learning how to design and manufacture a project to a very strict timetable.

Visual Art Club

Visual Art as a Co-curricular Activity is available to boys in Years 10 – 12. Over the last few years, students have been involved in large group projects across a range of different Visual Arts disciplines, including Ceramics, Digital Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, and Drawing.

Snow Sports

Snow Sports allows students who have an interest in Skiing and Snowboarding to pursue the activity further. This activity is done in addition to the School’s regular Co-curricular Sports programme.

Sports Experience

Sports Experience is a Co-curricular activity giving students the opportunity to experience a variety of sports, without an extensive commitment to just one sport. The programme has an emphasis on developing health and fitness and building skills that students can use in any sport they decide to explore. The group is open to boys in Years 10 – 12. Sports covered include Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Indoor Hockey, Softball, Indoor Cricket, Touch Football, and Oztag.

Ecological Awareness Group

Students from Years 10 – 12 who are interested in furthering their knowledge and application of Science, can do so through their involvement in the Ecological Awareness Group. Students are introduced to aspects of animal husbandry and horticulture with an emphasis on the propagation of native species of plants from cuttings, seeds, or tubes.

Fishing Club

The Fishing Club is open to Senior School boys, giving them opportunities to construct tackle items – rods, lures, and sinkers –, develop strategies for successful fishing, understand and care for our marine environment, prepare seafood, learn about marine life anatomy, and learn practical skills for tackle maintenance.

Mathematics Club

The Mathematics Club provides enjoyment and training in advanced thinking for recreation. The Co-curricular activity encourages students to gain a greater understanding of Mathematics, providing activities and discussion opportunities in mathematics research and related mathematical experiences. The club provides a social and intellectual forum for all students who are interested in deepening their experience of mathematics.

Cartesian Society

The Cartesian Society is a small group of Year 11 and 12 students with a passion for argument. The Society acts as a forum where talks are given by students, and the issues raised by these are discussed by the group.

Archaeological Society

The Archaeological Society is open to Senior School students with a particular interest in Ancient History, Classics, and Archaeological methods and practices. The Society provides students with opportunities to develop skills for archaeological excavations and interpretations.