25 March – 30 April

This survey exhibition celebrates 20 years of SLOT, an independent artist-run window gallery on Botany Road in inner-city Sydney.

Since 2003, SLOT has continuously presented art to the street. It is driven by the conviction that all art deserves to be seen; art should be part of daily life; and that it should connect with the art of the neighbourhood – both that of Redfern and of Southeast Asia.

SLOT20 is a 20-window sampling of installations selected from the project’s exhibition history, including a number of works by Southeast Asian artists. The art of celebrated practitioners is shown beside the works of people who don’t identify as artists, without distinction, as it might be in a neighbourhood setting.

Junyee, Separate reality  2004 [SLOT 5]

Exhibition opening function: Sunday 26 March, 2 – 4pm

Guest speaker: Damien Minton, independent art dealer

Exhibition talk: Saturday 15 April, 2.30pm

SLOT20 – THE BACK STORY with Tony Twigg

Meet SLOT facilitator Tony Twigg and hear the character-filled back story to various window installations reassembled for the exhibition. Among them, The Sculptors of Iloilo, a remarkable example of Filipino folk art; the Australian folk artist Valentine Brown; and the extraordinary works of Loris Quantock, Melbourne Aquino and more. He will share insights into an unusual engagement with art makers gleaned over 20 years spent maintaining his window gallery.

Exhibition dates:  25 March – 30 April 2023. Closed over Easter weekend.
Gallery hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 12-5pm. Free admission.

Juni Salvador, Fairy lights and fairy fails 2018 [SLOT 167]

  • 13 March 2023