Transport Management
(Preparatory School Strathfield Campus)

Transport Management
(Preparatory School Strathfield Campus)

For the safety of our boys and broader community

Kiss and Ride

A Kiss and Ride zone is provided in Llandilo Avenue on the northern side of the road to assist with the safe and efficient drop off and pick up of children attending Trinity Grammar Preparatory School. The Kiss and Ride Zone operates from 8.00am – 8:45am and 2.30pm – 4.00pm on gazette school days. Families in Kindergarten to Year 6 are able to use this zone. To make this zone operate as safely and as smoothly as possible, Trinity Grammar Staff Members are on duty each morning (8:10am to 8:30am) and afternoon (3:00pm to 3:30pm) to assist with the operation of the zone.

General Kiss and Ride Guidelines

  • Students are not permitted to access the boot of their car at any time. This is to be done by an adult if necessary.
  • Students must enter and exit the vehicle on the curb side and are not permitted to walk between motor vehicles at any time.
  • Students should wait until the car reaches the section between the two gates adjacent to the playground before entering or exiting the vehicle.
  • Parking within Bus Zones is illegal at all times.


  • Students must have their bags and other belongings with them in the passenger seat and are not permitted to go to the boot of the vehicle.
  • Year 5 Buddies will be on duty to support younger students walking to their classroom under the supervision of teachers.
  • Pre-Kindergarten students are not permitted to use Kiss and Ride in the morning. Parents are required to walk the boys into School.


  • Parents should arrive at the Kiss and Ride 5 to 10 minutes after their son’s finishing time to reduce the amount of traffic build up in the local area.
  • Parents are to have their son’s name clearly displayed on the left-hand corner of the windscreen. Signs may be ordered from the Preparatory School Office.
  • Years 3 to 6 parents should not join the Kiss and Ride queue until 3:15pm so that parents of Infants boys can collect them and reduce the traffic. If Year 3 to 6 parents join the queue before this time, they will be asked to drive around the block again.
  • If parents are at the beginning of the queue and an individual boy is not ready for some reason, parents will be asked to drive around the block again.
  • Parents that are unable to join the queue at the bottom of Llandilo Ave, because it is already too long (and has reached the ‘No Stopping’ sign) are not to try and merge into the queue further up the road but to drive around the block again.
  • If the Kiss and Ride line is too long parents should consider parking in a nearby street and walking to the School to collect their son. Please be considerate towards local residents by not parking across driveways.
  • Parents are to avoid doing u-turns in Llandilo Avenue to minimise risk to pedestrians and motorists.

Kiss and Ride Traffic Management