Sustainability at Trinity is broadly understood, centring on environmental
sustainability but also including wider issues that contribute to
sustainable human flourishing.

Our Christian foundation and convictions establish the importance of caring for the created order. There are three overlapping lenses through which we consider sustainability:

Sustainability as organisational practice

We review, evaluate and modify our organisational practices in order to conserve natural resources and protect global ecosystems.

Sustainability as educational focus

We teach and cultivate the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes necessary for our students to be aware of and engaged in the challenges associated with sustainability both now and in the decades to come.

Sustainability as a community commitment

We affirm our School’s commitment to sustainability, recognising that a public stance fosters both community awareness and accountability

Trinity’s sustainability targets include:

    • A landfill diversion target of 100% by 2025
    • Green travel: Increase active/sustainable travel by 20% for staff and students​ by 2025. Read our Green Travel Plans.
    • Printing: 50% reduction by 2025

Read about Trinity’s Sustainability projects below