News From the Field Studies Centre | Week 2 Term 3 2023

News From the Field Studies Centre | Week 2 Term 3 2023

Routine and predictability are important elements of the Field Studies Programme.

The boys fall into a cycle of four days of academic learning and three days of outdoor learning during their term at Woollamia. This routine provides both rhythm and stability for the boys.

They are each encouraged to follow the programme which is posted around the campus and ensure that they are prepared for what the day will bring. From orienteering to canoeing, mountain biking to rock climbing, academic fieldwork to the commencement of co-curricular activities, this week will be full of learning and new adventures.

The boys on Field Studies Programme 3 2023 have displayed an openness to new experiences and a keenness to work with their peers and staff, which has been impressive. They have enjoyed camping out on the property over the weekend, and the beautiful sunny days that we have been experiencing have made the hikes and mountain biking activities most enjoyable.

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