On the field with a Junior School Chaplain

On the field with a Junior School Chaplain

Having joined the team at Trinity’s Junior School in the midst of lockdowns and uncertainty, Chaplain Mrs Eliza Leedow has had plenty to keep her busy as she adapted to a new role and new ways of working. 

Still, she says that the life of a Chaplain means no two days are the same. 

“Encouraging students about the truths of the Bible, arguing about the extremity of God’s love for us, and debating the best donut flavour are all parts of an ‘average’ day as the Junior School Chaplain,” she shares. 

Her days always start with prayer – for the Christian Studies classes she teaches, as well as the events coming up in that week. Then she dives into preparing lessons, writing Chapel talks and delivering them to students. 

From there, she also runs lunchtime CRU clubs, an after school Movie Madness Club and is heavily involved in Winter Support at the Junior School as Coordinator in Charge of Football, as well as coaching the 1st XI Football team. 

“I love getting involved in Co-curricular as it gives me opportunities to see boys grow and develop outside of the regular classroom setting. I love watching boys challenge themselves as they try new things and I love relating to boys over my love for Football.” 

Diving into the challenge of an all boys school doesn’t faze her at all: “Boys are great! Their energy and zest keep me always on my toes, but they’re just so much fun to be around.” 

Her decision to come to Trinity was founded on her strong Christian faith, as well as the word-of-mouth recommendations she’d heard before arriving. 

“I had heard about the staff culture in the Junior School at Trinity – the way they supported and loved and cared for each other was very appealing to me,” she says. “I love the staff team I’m a part of and have loved being encouraged by them in all my work.” 

Mrs Leedow is proud of all the opportunities she’s had the chance to be a part of since starting at Trinity, but she does have a favourite. 

“Probably the best opportunity Trinity has given me has been the chance to run a Family Service on a Sunday for families of the Junior School. Having the opportunity to connect with the families of Trinity about our ethos and what we believe here at Trinity was really encouraging and challenged me in my own faith.” 

Moving forward, she’s looking forward to whatever the day brings her next and shaking off some of that pandemic fatigue.

“I joined Trinity in a really strange time,” she says. “I’m really looking forward to a year of feeling settled in my job and having the ability and resources now to expand on the work I do and make positive changes to encourage deeper learning about the love of God. I can’t wait!” 

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