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3rd V vs Grammar Edgecliff

From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

Well done to the 4D Basketballers who went six wins from six matches this term! A fantastic achievement. Our 4B & 6B Cricket teams, along with our Tennis team had five successes from six starts, both finishing off with strong victory. The 1st V finished with four straight triumphs after a couple of losses to start the term. The 6A Cricketers had three wins and a tie over their term to also finish in front on the results ledger.

In Basketball, the 1st V secured a win coming from behind at the break along with the 2nd V, 3rd V, 4th V and 5th V which all had strong victories. Many of these boys were playing their final ever sports fixtures for the Junior School and it was nice to see many exuberant looks on many faces at the final buzzer.

On Wednesday, the combined Junior School and Preparatory School Year 6 1st V Basketball & 6A Cricket teams played their annual matches against Year 7 as part of the welcome to the Middle School in 2023. These were the final sporting fixtures of 2022. Basketball had an exciting 33 all draw and in cricket the Year 7s were a little too strong.

Chris Robinson | Sports Master

6A Trinity 1/128 def Cranbrook 116
Best and Fairest Oscar Rudd
Consistent Effort Luke Holani
6B Trinity 7/107 def Cranbrook 6/105
Best and Fairest Jordan Buultjens
Consistent Effort Braith Hargreaves
5A Knox 162 def Trinity 72
Best and Fairest Robbie Clarke
5B Knox 127 def Trinity 46
Best and Fairest Alex Anastasi
4B Trinity 102 def Wyvern 100
Best and Fairest Ruhan Sethi*
1st V Trinity JS 47 def Grammar Edgecliff 34
Best and Fairest Hudson Lyttle
Encouragement Anthony Fanos
2nd V Trinity JS 48 def Grammar Edgecliff 27
Best and Fairest Ethan Soo
Consistent Effort Arles Hanning
3rd V Trinity JS 32 def Grammar Edgecliff 20
Best and Fairest Finley askew
Consistent Effort James Taouk
4th V Trinity JS 31 def Grammar Edgecliff 28
Best and Fairest Oliver Newton
Consistent Effort Max Edwards
5th V Trinity JS 24 def Grammar Edgecliff 14
Best and Fairest Chris Skouteris
Consistent Effort Ethan Choy
6th V Grammar Edgecliff 20 def Trinity JS 16
Best and Fairest Elijah Harding
Consistent Effort Benji Nallaiah
7th V Grammar Edgecliff 24 def Trinity JS   19
Best and Fairest Nic Beke
Consistent Effort Jayden Hu/Marko Pavic
8th V Grammar Edgecliff 20 def Trinity JS 14
Best and Fairest Elliot Mak
Consistent Effort Vito Zhou
4A V Shore 36 def Trinity JS 8
Best and Fairest Jonah Chan
4B V Trinity JS 22 de Grammar Edgecliff 19
Best and Fairest Nathan Zhang
4C V Trinity JS 24 def Shore 20
Best and Fairest Justin Wang
4D V Trinity JS 30 def Shore 6
Best and Fairest Tom Aschman
5/6 A Trinity JS 9 def Redlands 3
Best and Fairest Dom Lowe
Consistent Effort James Ge
Touch Football
5/6 A St. Pius 6 def Trinity 4
Best and Fairest Michael Whiting
Consistent Effort Luigi Barca
5/6 B Trinity 6 def St. Pius 5
Best and Fairest Ethan Koh
Consistent Effort Ben Fanous
Intra Sport (Touch Football)  
Year 5/6
Consistent Effort Blake Rushworth/ Nicholas Abwi
Year 4
Consistent Effort Nader Aref/ Nicholas Lim
3rd V vs Grammar Edgecliff
3rd V vs Grammar Edgecliff

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